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Yali Capkini Episode 52 Powerful and exclusive leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 52 Powerful and exclusive leaks

Yali Capkini Episode 52 Powerful and exclusive leaks

I expect events will happen... After what the heck is over. She will travel outside the country and Ferit  will stay at home without forgetting her or he will marry Ferit but raise the child like his son and after how many years have passed she will return with a boy or a girl and she will have her imaginary husband I expect it to be Yusuf and it will be a third party like pelin it is a third party. Also a walking child will be from Ferit .

Wow very strong rise and in all categories the kingfisher returned to flutter again see the strength of the rise in all categories This is what happens when your old writer used to eat his story in which he started 🔥 an episode that was honestly fairy from its beginning to its end without a moment of boredom And directing and acting all the cast especially Afra which in the evening everyone praises She really deserves praise, 

I mean imagine all this and I still haven't seen it with translation 🤣❤️ 🩹 All those who love the series my father don't like it yesterday they praised the episode, if the series continues on this level sure it will come back stronger and stronger .

The magnificence of the episode is sure Seyran was her acting and not a mistake, but we also do not forget Suna and Ferit, we cannot overcome the power of their representation, truth be told, Suna surprised me from her strength and how she plays with his facial features because acting with features and calm is stronger than crying because crying symbolizes pain, but Suna had a mission to communicate her feelings without crying The last look killed me when I smiled I felt comfort and independence with her I was able to live the moment with her deserves to write her name and deserves attention.

The episode is one of the best episodes how not and the events are consistent and logical and the reaction of Seyran is waiting for what disappointed us in it we knew it clean honest and transparent and this is the logic of her reaction other than that she would have been another character invented from the silliest writings And here is the difference between 

Seyran reaction to pregnancy written by a writer who invented the character and the reaction of Ferit for the first time when he knew the pregnancy written by an illogical writer or a personal study Ferit the difference is huge and by the way the result of the wish makes it clear enough that no matter what the category of viewers the conclusion is that the viewers are stupid or silly the viewers.

 have a sense of logic and objectivity for the events even if the heroes are separated and this proof today after a logical and coordinated episode the events are not full of suspense and pure drama without the writer giving up the psychological side Add to this show us with all respect all the characters participating in the series The summary of the topic is that the prestige of the series is back the most successful for me Who is in the season and deserves the prizes if it was a fair competition .

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