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Adim Farah Episode 26 English Subtitles

Adim Farah Episode 26 English Subtitles

Adim Farah Episode 26 English Subtitles

My name is Farah has been on the screen for two weeks with smooth, non-boring episodes that I really liked. Of course, these chapters had their flaws, but these flaws were found in 23. It doesn't stop calling the department good either. Unfortunately, the problems I am concerned with are common to both departments. I will touch on them in the analysis. And, of course, 23. هاء 24. The episode again received undeserved ratings. Unfortunately, it is obvious that some of the audience lost with the episodes at the beginning of the season did not return and we had an audience in common with Saturday night's series. However, maybe if the problems I see were overcome, we could see rating momentum in the series. Finally, I am very sure that My Name is Farah will be a work that will be valued years later, and those who watch it will regret that they did not watch it in time.

23, almost all of whom were in the hospital. We ended the episode with Farah reuniting with her mother after many years, but as a price for this, Karimshah found out that she had gone with Behnam. Episode 24 opened with scenes that multiplied the emotions we experienced. It was a heartbreaking moment, especially for those like me who longed for their mother. I wish my mother was alive so I could bathe her and comb her hair like Farah... It was such a joy for Farah. On the other hand, the wounds on his mother's back and wrists, the painful scars on his soul; Coupled with the prospect of Karimshah being smuggled to Iran at any moment, his joy had to remain in his hands. It was as if rejoicing was both right and wrong for Farah. Still, he had already deserved this bittersweet joy.

Berrak Kuş, who plays Farah's mother, Gulsima, is a perfect fit for her role. I really liked his acting and his harmony with the team. With Farah, they really felt like mother and daughter. It bothered me a little that he spoke Turkish very smoothly as just an Iranian, but since he was a dubbing artist, his voice color was so beautiful that I can't get hung up on it.

Farah's mother, Gulsima, is glad she is alive and glad she is back in Farah's life. At first, I thought, "What will your mother's survival contribute to the story?" but now I see that there are multiple reasons for this. With the mother becoming Karimshah's true donor, Farah's debt of gratitude to Behnam was erased. Even if she set up Gülsima, 3 wrongs make 1 right. The torments she has inflicted on Gülsima for years are more than 3 mistakes. The fact that he was the one who healed Karimshah's love for his father had a great effect on his growth, and this was his first defense even when a word came to his father. 

Although Karimshah initially agreed to live in the same house as Farah and Tahir, he would have wanted to live with his parents after a while, like any child, but this fact will ensure that he never thinks so. On top of that, the evils that Behnam did to his grandmother and planned to do to his mother caused Karimshah to choose Tahir as his father. And with the arrival of Gülsima, Tahir also had a mother after his brother Mehmet.

You may remember that Tahir did not consider himself worthy of Farah's love at first. Then, when he first learned that Mehmet was his brother, he did not consider himself worthy of this brotherhood... How could a murderer with blood on his hands be the brother of an immaculate policeman? I see that Tahir still has the same feeling inside him, and this feeling is wounded somewhere inside him, even if he admits that they are brothers. Likewise, although Mehmet admits that he is his brother much more quickly than Tahir, the fact that Tahir is such a man instinctively bothers him. I feel like I'm going to fully accept him into the brotherhood if he lets it go. Sometimes it even feels like if Tahir were to turn his back on him instead of getting him out of it again. Because Mehmet's honor is above all else.

Before I forget, why did MehTah have so few scenes together in the episode? Why did they take a stand at each other at the beginning of the episode and then go their separate ways when we waited for them to find out how many episodes they were brothers and then fight together? Couldn't they have been together somehow? Mehmet could have attended a family dinner and left early, and then found Ali Galip's body. It was his right to be at that dinner and at the table.

In the same way, Tahir feared that a clean woman like Gülsima would not see him as his son, and he did not consider himself worthy of being a son to such a woman. However, although he is an executioner from the outside, he is still a child with a wounded heart at heart. Would Tahir's essence have changed so much if he had not been so good, if there was no goodness in his leaven? Happily, Farah's mother, Gulsima, never questioned these things and was not interested in what Tahir was doing. "My daughter loved it, Karimshah loved it, this man put a smile on Farah's face," she thought, and immediately embraced her. Farah told him about Tahir so well that anyone in his place would have embraced Tahir. It was also nice to hear what Farah meant to someone else about Tahir.

How timid and cowardly Tahir looked when Gulsima hugged him; How excited and surprised he was. At the same time, a thousand different emotions were passing through his eyes. I'm sure Vera hugged him many times, but Tahir must have felt like he was being embraced for the first time with a mother's affection because he couldn't stop the tears from flowing from his eyes. There was the same feeling on her face when Gülsima told her to take something on her when she left the house. At that moment, I was both touched and happy for Tahir to have such a mother. Tahir Lekesiz now has a huge family with his wife, son, mother, brother, sister-in-law and friends. Could there be a greater happiness for Tahir than this?

I left my heart at the scene where Karimshah chose Tahir as his father. In his life, we finally saw that spiritual fatherhood, not biological fatherhood, was much more valuable. Fatherhood is not about laying everything out in front of him in such a luxurious house and telling him, "You are a lion." Fatherhood comes first with love and kindness from the heart. Although Tahir was not of his blood or soul, he had already fathered Karimshah much more than Behnam and had long deserved to be addressed as "Aslan Babam." 

Tahir had proved his fatherhood many times on the day he rescued Behnam and returned from the dead, just so that Karimshah would not be left without a father, while making sure that Karimshah celebrated his birthday with his friends for the first time in his life. After all, if Karimshah had not been a man, if he had not been the continuation of his lineage, Behnam would not have loved him like this. Of course, the fact that he is the son of Farah, who is obsessed with it, is also a factor in this. If Behnam had been a good father, he would not have let his two daughters down because he had found his other child. I always felt that his love was based on something, and I was right.

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