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Safir Episode 18 With English Subtitle

Safir Episode 18 With English Subtitle

Safir 17 English Subtitle
Safir Episode 17 With English Subtitle

Safir Episode 18 With English Subtitle

At no point in my life have I been a person who lives with a focus on others. I've never had to worry about what others will think of me. I didn't give them the right or the right to comment on me. Because this life was mine and I will live it once. I didn't take a step for fear of what others or my family would think. But it's always been something I've thought about as I've taken my steps. What would he say when I look back on my present years from now? What does he feel? Because in this life, I only have a responsibility to myself. Whether I make a mistake or do it right, I'm the only one who cares.


If I'm going to give an account, I'm going to give it to myself. For example, the current one is so angry with me in some ways that I can't tell you. The me of the past looks at me in confusion at me today. Now what do you mean, what can you tell us about them, so I come to the conclusion. Be the only person in this life that you are responsible for and care about what you think. 

It's not that, it's not that, think about whether you will be able to look at your face comfortably when you look in the mirror in the future. Because whoever is with you is temporary, but you are with you until your last breath. It is when you judge yourself within yourself that you will succeed in standing tall. I can't say that you won't get hurt, you won't bleed anywhere, but all of these will be medals. So question and judge yourself often. You will see how you grow in line with those results.

Feraye, for example, never, ever questions or judges herself. And I am as sure as my name that if Feraye in the past saw the Feraye of the present, he would have said a car and would have been disappointed. And by Feraye in this past, I mean the first three chapters of Feraye. In the beginning, Feraye had limits and stance, no matter what the circumstances. For one thing, he appreciated it. 

He could see who was doing what and how they were trying. He had a conscience and, most importantly, a pride. Look, no one is telling Feraye to turn her back on her love and leave it behind. Because love, which is true love, is something that is very difficult to find. Once found, it is something to do in your power not to lose it. But I can't accept compromising my own self when you're fighting for your love.

This is true no matter who it is. It doesn't matter if it's a man or a woman. If you love someone, you have to love them without changing or changing. You can say that love requires sacrifice, and it is true. But don't forget that a few decisions are more losses. For the sake of his love, he destroyed his self with his own hands. Yaman's feelings of regret after learning his truth almost blinded his eyes. 

I've always said it and I'm not going to stop saying it, Feraye has had tons of chances to fix everything so far. But he couldn't evaluate any of them. He burned both Yaman and Ateş. Is that what you like? Come on, you don't value Fire, it doesn't matter to you. And Yaman? His love for Yaman? Each time, he stepped down the wrong path and shattered Yaman. If Yaman took a wrong path, Feraye went full throttle on that path. 

Even after learning everything, he had the right to annul the marriage for 24 hours if he told Ateş. But no, we are only interested in crying and being silent rather than moving forward with such solutions. In this case, what I see in front of me is just a pathetic woman. A woman could only put herself in such a helpless and bad situation. Even now, it was clear what he was going to do. 

Telling Yaman the truth and asking them to be patient a little longer until they both DIVORCE. She doesn't care about the position she puts herself in, you say okay, you say she doesn't care about Aleyna, thank God, but if she didn't do it to the man who saved her life and her baby's life. No matter what anyone says, Feraye is now a mistress, and I don't agree with a woman who is a mistress. Whatever the reason.

Yaman, Feraye's first victim, is without a doubt. I was very angry with Yaman, yes, I still am, but I can't ignore some facts. No offense. Your attitude shapes how a person treats you. Ever since he attempted suicide, Yaman has been trying to stay away as much as he can. This time, Feraye does not leave the child alone. Yaman is already living in the sunken fish sideways mode. 

He's trying to make things right, he's trying to digest things. Feraye, on the other hand, pulls Yaman down with every move, and is it because he loves her? Yaman is aware that they are dancing with Ateş right now. He began to suspect something. And he knows that his brother is a spiteful person. There is a proverb that if I spit up, I have a mustache, if I spit down, I have a beard. Hah, Yaman is exactly in that situation. 

He had no room to maneuver. The only thing to do is to put everything out there. Maybe he could do that too. But there's a baby in the middle. It's not that she can't bear to separate a baby and her dad, but I think she's keeping quiet. Feraye started a family with her brother in such a short time. Against all odds, he married her and had children. One half of Yaman is struggling with this. 

Another half of it is with the truth of a Feraye who says, "I couldn't stand it while I was sleeping, I kissed it." Well, if Yaman is mad in the face of these erratic movements, he is right. Sometimes I wonder what kind of life Yaman would have had if he hadn't fallen in love with Feraye. For example, there would never have been a Bora problem? He would not have such serious problems with his family, especially with his older brother. 

The question is: Is love worth going through so many problems? Is it the motto that I will fall in love but be unhappy to the core? When you find the answer to this, humanity will make great progress.

Feraye and Yaman have now come to the final point. The end of the road and the abyss in front of them. Everyone who needed to know learned everything. Wolves fell into the people. And they're so late to take some steps that it won't do much good for them to be transparent after this time. Because people's trust in them has been broken once. From now on, everything they say will be treated with skepticism. 

They may think that we should be together and we don't care about the rest. Maybe that's true for a while. But there is one thing they forget that they do not fully trust each other. How much can Feraye believe that Yaman will not lie to protect her in a difficult situation in their next life? Can Yaman, on the other hand, be sure that Feraye will not try to run away to protect him in every difficult situation? This is unlikely. 

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