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Adim Farah Episode 27 With English Subtitle

Adim Farah Episode 27 With English Subtitle

Adim Farah Episode 27 English Subtitle
Adim Farah Episode 27 With English Subtitle

Adim Farah Episode 27 With English Subtitle

I apologize to my readers who are waiting. As of the 18th episode, our founding screenwriter team Deniz Dargı, Cen Boğatur and Cem Görgeç had left the series. I would like to thank them so much for the first season and the world they built. But, unfortunately, 2. They have not been able to maintain the same success in the season and it is an 18 that opened many new doors for us, but despite that, it had a serious pace problem, boring the audience until the last half hour. 

They said goodbye to the department. I wish them success in their new projects. As of the 19th episode, the script team of the series is now entrusted to Toprak Karaoğlu and Seda Çalış Karaoğlu. Obviously, script changes are often scary, and 8 out of 10 series whose scriptwriter changes are not liked and experience a decline.

However, My Name is Farah is one of the exceptions, and since our new screenwriters joined the team, we have seen very successful episodes. They obviously understood the series very well and loved the story and characters. The spirit of the series has never changed, we continue in the line of the first season, how happy we are.

19 – 20 – 21 before the episode analysis. I would like to write down the 5 most important events from the chapters in my opinion. (Sequencing in the order in which the events occurred.)

1- The way Tahir was liberated from Iran. Tahir emerged from the warehouse where he was held captive in Iran by defeating the most psychopathic torturer there, and on top of that, he managed to smuggle both himself and Behnam's gold across the border by using Ali Ghalib's connections. And this incident caused Uncle Mahmoud to want to continue his partnership with him even more. This request of the uncle made Behnam, who wanted to get rid of Tahir forever, even more mad. 

2 – Tahir learns that Farah's mother is alive, and Farah learns that Behnam has heart disease. Thus, it turned out that Karimshah's donor was not Behnam. In Episode 19, when Karimshah says that his father saved his life and cries, I thought to myself, "I wish he wasn't the donor so that there was no gratitude and love for him." These lies also fueled Farah's hatred for her and her feelings of revenge. 

3 – Mehmet's remembrance of Orhan, the person who shot him. Thus, Mehmet Kara realized that Kuzu was also Orhan and went after him. Although he has been focusing on finding his brother for a while, he will now focus on finding Orhan and the Kuzu gang. 

4 – Behnam's manipulation of Mehmet into killing Tahir in order to reveal his brother's location. Certainly Behnam is a very good manipulator. How he manipulated Mehmet and unleashed him on Tahir. That way, he would turn brother against brother and get rid of both of them easily. But the calculation at home did not fit the bazaar, and the zucchini will explode on his head.  Now the two powerful brothers have united against Behnam.

5 – Mahmoud was stabbed and Farah was blamed. This incident ensured that Farah was out of Behnam's house once and for all, and that FaHir was together once and for all. In addition, FaHir defeated Behnam with their game and Farah was able to leave that house with Karimshah. Merjan also sided with Behnam at the end of this incident. Uncle Mahmoud also left the series by going to Iran.

We ended the last episode with Mehmet pulling a gun on Tahir to find out his brother's location, and Tahir pointing the knife Farah gave him at him. It was almost impossible to come back from this point. As long as neither of them gave up, one of them was very close to death. The only way back from here could be if it turned out that they were brothers. 

It was an expected development for Vera to come and tell the truth, but up to this point she had not seen the slightest regret for telling this truth to Behnam or a scene where she heard that they were going to kill each other, so her arrival was very inappropriate and unwarranted. Vera's giving Mehmet the dog tag of little Tahir, and the intervening flashbacks are very appropriate in terms of supporting the scene. Something more about the past had to be triggered so that Mehmet could remember his brother's name. I found Tahir's behavior in this scene very appropriate.

After all, he didn't remember anything about his infancy. This topic was so foreign to him. Therefore, it was normal for Vera not to believe what she said, to insist on not believing it, to think that there might be a similarity of names, to find it ridiculous that Mehmet even believed it, and not to react emotionally even when she accepted the truth. On the contrary, it was Mehmet who had lived memories with his brother, he could have had a bigger reaction. 

In summary, there were not many problems on the stage in these respects; In other words, one should not expect great emotional intensity from two men, one of whom did not know about his brother, and the other who had just remembered his existence. One of them has a mafia, a murderer; The emphasis on the fact that the other is a police officer and the fact that Tahir does not consider himself worthy of being Mehmet's brother were among the details that attracted my attention. Just as Tahir did not consider himself worthy of being loved by Farah in his time, he did not consider himself worthy of being the brother of a clean civil servant now.

In my opinion, the biggest shortcoming was that Tahir did not have a full confrontation with Vera, and did not hold her to account adequately. At the beginning of the season, when Ali Galip died, I thought, "Tahir will face Vera anyway, his spiritual bond with Vera is deeper, he sees her as his mother," and that's why I was comfortable. But Tahir didn't say something like "I called you mom, but it turns out you were my mother's murderer" in the way I expected. There were sentences such as asking for accountability, but these did not create a feeling of satisfaction in me. Vera's regretful attitude but happy that MehTah found each other never crossed over to me. 

On top of that, they gave the woman the opportunity to cash the check Behnam gave her as a reward, and I wanted to tear my hair out. Frankly, all of this, and on top of that, Vera's departure from the chalet waving her hand, hoping to be forgiven one day, as if it was very important to her, made me have a nervous breakdown. I couldn't take my resentment off this woman, I'm still so angry. Without forgetting, it is also ridiculous that the woman who visits Tahir every week does not know at all about the torture inflicted on her by the man who is supposedly her uncle. And doesn't he advise them to take their revenge on Behnam? We should have taken that revenge on you first, you hypocritical witch.

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