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yali capkini Episode 45 Does Kaya really love suna

? Yali Capkini Does Kaya really love souna

yali capkini Episode 45 Does Kaya really love Sona?
?yali capkini Episode 45 Does Kaya really love suna

yali capkini Episode 45 Does Kaya really love suna?

The horror that suna experienced, she had never seen such horror in her life. She knew that her father, kazim, was a madman who beats, but she never expected that he would dare to try to kill her with a knife. If it had not been for Kaya, suna would have died as a result of the sick mentality of her father, who deserves to be imprisoned.

The question here is: If seyran were in her place and ifakat had told her like that about suna , would she have done what suna did? The answer is no, because seyran has a strong personality, and neither ifakat nor anything else could affect her love for her sister or her fear for her, her fear that could have made her sacrifice herself just to save her, and of course all of us. We saw in episode 8 that she would do ( I will sle-ep with ferit ) just because she let ferit help her and save her from marrying safwat .

We certainly saw when SEYRAN told ferit that she did not trust anyone but suna , and we saw that ferit was jealous of seyran regarding her relationship with suna . Even when Suna was upset, it was his fault. seyran tolerated everything that ferit did for the sake of her sister. She did not want to return to Gaziantep.

Another question: Did Suna start to change from seyran because of kazim and ifakat s words? The answer is no, they created the jealousy and showed it, but if the jealousy had not been present from the beginning, it would not have been affected by the two words. 

The jealousy that we saw when she was drunk and talking to ferit and when she became jealous of her when she married ferit and sent Yusuf and caused her problems. A lot of things they hid in the first part.

And they started to show her again in the second part. suna believes that the solution is that she should be Korhan’s daughter-in-law. With a superficial look, which is money and clothes, she envies seyran for his suffering and collapse due to her many years. She was hoping that she would not enter this family, nor did she know ferit in it in the first place. 

She envies her for a life that was not of her choice. A life that was forced upon her by her father. She did not have the luxury of refusal, and when she tried, she refused to be imprisoned. suna if she thought, asked herself logically, “Will they see?”.

With all that she has, is she happy? Surely she will find out that no, on the contrary, she is miserable. I want to ask another question. When she gets married, will she get rid of her father’s beatings? Well, SEYRAN is not married. She is getting beaten, suffocating, and is going through stages of collapse because of her father until now. 

seyran is afraid for her sister from the family that she has seen so much from, to the point that they would have deprived her. From motherhood to selfishness is that you are protecting your sister from a family that is not normal, which is the reason for your collapse, and she would have been the reason for her to deprive you of motherhood. 

Is this selfishness or that you are sacrificing your sister for the sake of a person whom you have known for two days and who still do not know her true feelings, just because he said I love you, I will end with them. selfishness .

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