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Yali Capkini Episode 45 Will abidin agree to Suna and Kaya marriage

?yali capkini Episode 45 Will abidin agree to Suna and Kaya 

yali capkini Episode 45 Will abidin agree to Suna and Kaya marriage?
yali capkini Episode 45 Will abidin agree to Suna and Kaya marriage?

Will abidin agree to Suna and Kaya marriage?

As much as I loved Gulgun and her relationship with Ferit in the first season, my hatred for her this season grows more every day.

It is not normal how she is completely absent, nor is it as if she lost her son and almost lost her remaining son.

You do not see his suffering and do not try to contain him, understand him, and support him during the most difficult days of his life.

She was absent at the time of the crime.

She was still missing when the biggest crime was discovered now.

I understand the goal behind leaving Ferit to suffer alone, without anyone’s support or support.

But Gulgun is written in an illogical way. Even the worst mothers did what Gulgun did to me. The irony is that she appears with Seyran as a conscious and understanding person.

A huge contradiction in her personality.

I think that with pelin pregnancy, she will turn against seyran , but I am not reassured by the contradiction in her personality

Her neglect of Ferit currently, with his health condition, and her preoccupation with Orhan and where and what he was going to do... like her neglect of Alu in his childhood, with his diabetes, means Gulgun has not changed herself.

Perhaps the point that will make her reconsider when she learns sultan  story 🤔.

It is not normal or logical that everyone knew about Sultan issue except her.

Maybe in the past, she was busy with him and neglected him, but now she lost her first son and was going to lose him. And she is present with seyran

It means a very big contradiction.

She may deal with a way of projecting her relationship with Orhan onto Ferit and Seyran, meaning she sees herself in Seyran and sees Orhan in Ferit, which is why she leans toward Seyran.

Finally people are starting to wake up

Farit judgments are always correct and his words are always true, in all situations and with all people.

The fans that day all attacked him on the grounds that he was jealous of Suna and Seyran strong relationship.

 But he was the only one who understood the truth about all the people in Seyran life and even predicted her future with them and that she would never find anyone else beside her.

Why did Suna always hide (her relationship with Abidin) from Seyran even though she knew that it was impossible for Seyran to reveal her secrets and that it was impossible for her to abandon them or stand against her?.

Why is Seyran blindly trusting Suna and vice versa?

The answer is because Seyran  relationship with Suna was open and his love for her was unconditional, and because Suna had been her arm for me all her life, in which she took refuge from her father. She was aware that Suna would redeem her with her soul, and it was not possible for her to deceive or betray her. Until the day of the kiss, she did not believe Farid, nor did she even believe Suna when she told her, "I am mine." I made a mistake, it's not unique

While Suna was being buried all her life.

I remembered the people who attacked Ferit  because of certain situations with Suna. They accused him of being jealous of Seyran and Suna’ relationship and that he wanted to separate them.

Ferit loved Suna, supported her, and stood by her side, but he understood her and knew her more than Seyran herself.

These people are the first to turn against Suna currently

And Ferit proved himself right for the millionth time.

The problem is a base that attacks the person who supported her, sacrificed for her, fulfilled her desires, and cared for her and the interests of Seyan and Ferit , and they are the same ones who in the coming period, after her regret and harm, will be saved and helped.

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