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Yalicapkini Episode 45 Seyran announces her pregnancy in front of pelin and will not abandon Ferit ❤

 Yalicapkini Episode 45 Seyran announces her pregnancy in front of pelin and will not abandon Ferit ❤

Yalicapkini Episode 45 Seyran announces her pregnancy in front of pelin and will not abandon Ferit ❤
Yalicapkini Episode 45 Seyran announces her pregnancy in front of pelin and will not abandon Ferit ❤

Yalicapkini Episode 45 Seyran announces her pregnancy in front of pelin and will not abandon Ferit ❤

Seyran is not pregnant, but this is a scene from ferit imagination that Seyran  is pregnant and he is with her to use the baby's clothes, but Alex, who was photographed today teaching seyran about pelin  pregnancy, is a provocative situation and there is no dignity for ferit herself if she did not know through Ferit , especially since she continues with Ferit, there would have been dignity.

This announcement that we have been waiting for for three days? I mean, okay, there are some beautiful scenes that are Seyran  strength 😏, the beginning of the commercial will be the beginning of the episode, but what are these events? Nukhet is smart and pretends that she is sad and crying and is disturbed. Of course, she will make Halis agree with her and apologize to her. Imagine how she turned the situation against them. It is not easy, and of course Gulgun, Asuman, and ifakat are present in every situation, and then ifakat comes back and squeezes a little.

Let's go back a little to the sweet scenes in the advertisement, confronting Ferit and Seyran 🔥 Although it is as if it were the same as the events of the first season, it is as I told you before, and now I repeat, I loved how the events of this season unfolded quickly, and kazim will be listening to their conversation as usual, and then the topic of pelin will open, and Ferit will definitely get nervous and lie. 🤡 Then Seryan says to him, “Is there something I don’t know?” and he will tell her no, and then we return to the events of the palace, Kaya and Seyran. Frankly, I don’t know whether Seyran or Suna are right.

Suna became very strange. I mean, basically, she accepted that she would marry Kaya, and in fact, she didn't know him for two days, and Kaya said to Seyran, "Shall I show you how it happened?" It's really worth stopping 😒

Then Ferit thought that it was Taylan who took the picture. He would go and hit Taylan. He would not doubt 0 dignity 🤣 .

We return to seyran , and she is literally the main oppressed person in the story, and then Sefika Al-Afea’s daughter 🐍 will meet with Seyran to tell her about the issue of the kiss, but she exaggerated the issue! She tells her that there has been a development and I could not separate from ferit , and this game will continue between Belin, her cousin, and Sefika daughter against Seyran!

Certainly, Seyran will be more and more sad all because of her. After that, Pelin and Fert  will meet, and Pelin will tell Ferit  about her uncle 🙄 and they will be Evakat and Suna in the same mall, and then the scene at the end of the commercial 🤡 Ferit is holding pelin hand and they are leaving the café, and according to the filming that was taken today, Seyran will see them buying things. The baby and she will know everything, and according to what I understand, ifakat knows about pelin presence, otherwise why was she so nervous?.

Now, I am searching for the first group contacts. At the time, SeYran saw FERIT at Pelin house, and when she returned, he said that there was a game against them, but Seyran did not believe him and left him, and the divorce happened, and Zerin and Belin’s plan... Now he returns to the same place again, and Farid says that there is a game against them. But will Seyran  simply withdraw?

For myself, I do not expect it to repeat the same mistake, and we will see a strong Seyran. We saw from conspiracies that Seyran will remember. Unfortunately, Ferit trusts pelin , and pelin , as he played his part in the first season by feeling guilty towards him, will play a game of trust against him, and as evidenced by what abidin asked him, “Are you the father of the child?” he said. He is the father because he is the only one in her life.

This is Feri . He assumed that it was Taylan who did this and sent the pictures to Seyran . Kaya mask fell in front of Seyran and his true face appeared. He is a shameless person. Even Suna is linked to Kaya until she is freed from her father’s oppression. This means there is no love. A hasty decision that she is afraid to regret.. As for the deranged one. Nukhet is in a parallel world, and as we expected, it will not be revealed simply, and what is coming is stronger with the deranged uncle’s entry on the line, because she started hinting to Ferit  about her uncle and his position on her pregnancy without marriage.. I hope that Seran will see Ferit with pelin and learn of her existence and pregnancy, and the game will be out in the open. .. A strong advertisement, and I liked it. We are waiting for the episode and then we will judge.

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