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Yali Capkini Episode 45 If it weren't for the child in your belly, I would have killed you here!

 Yali Capkini Episode 45 If it weren't for the child in your belly, I would have killed you here!

Yali Capkini Episode 45 If it weren't for the child in your belly, I would have killed you here!
Yali Capkini Episode 45 If it weren't for the child in your belly, I would have killed you here!

Yali Capkini Episode 45 If it weren't for the child in your belly, I would have killed you here!

Most likely, when he saw Suna reaction when she saw Abidin, he said that she still loves Abidin and is only affected by Kaya because she runs after any attention from any man, etc. The first thing he wanted to make clear is that Abidin  is Suna  first love, and first love is like a fingerprint in the heart, even if The emotional relationship was a failure and did not continue, but the effect is still there (because experiencing feelings for the first time, even if it is for different psychological reasons, is strong for a person). Therefore, it is natural that Abidin  situation draws her attention, and her mind is preoccupied with him, and she wonders inside herself what is wrong with him. The other side is unique, even in his knowledge of the fact that Sona overtook Abidin, in repeatedly blaming Abedin for himself, but despite that, being an emotional person, his feelings affect his actions, and now he is affected by Abidin collapse.

The first thing he started by attacking Suna and exposing her vile truth in front of Kaya (of course it is currently the truth in Ferit    eyes because he is influenced by Abidin ), but Kaya is far from the struggle of good and evil, and his awareness is greater than being affected by mere words, and because it also comes from the person between whom there is a war of revenge. And, of course, because of Ferit  controlling child personality, like children, when he found there was no hope for Kaya, he went to Suna and tried to destroy Kaya picture in front of her, and that it was just a toy for him to use, and as soon as he finished with it, he would throw it away (Okay, Ferit, wait for another situation, not in the same breath). The conversation, even then the credibility goes 😂),

On the other hand, Suna, for the first time in her life, meets someone who supports her psychologically and reduces her fear, and the most important thing is that he is the first person to stand up to Kazim  abuse of her. This thing has an impact on the subconscious mind beyond what you can imagine, or for once she feels safe and protected, and finally a shield in her life. He stops everything that is harmful to her, so it is natural that she was not affected by Ferit  words.

The second season of the series deals with the psychological aspect more than the dramatic aspect, and this is true after marriage. Life is not rosy. Problems always begin after marriage. So what if the spouses were mentally ill and their environment was full of conspiracies, deceptions and tricks, but most viewers, unfortunately, will not love it or understand it. The next most psychological series is very strong and deep, and whoever does not understand the psychological aspect will get sick    Do not focus unless you are aware and understanding of the character’s psychological state and enjoy it. We still have not seen any illness and anger. Do not forget, they will live through their suffering, and take them to the psychiatrist.

SeYran, who was collapsed the night before, suddenly became supportive of Ferit and got rid of her negative thoughts. Of course, the fan does not remain silent and says, “What is this contradiction and lack of dignity, writer?” But you must know the beautiful part about logical characters. Whether we go up or down is considered Sultan’s dialogue. It is all Ferit  past before Seyran entered his life, and Seyran has sufficient awareness that Ferit has begun to change for her sake and that he is the man who will achieve her existential mission. It is natural that she looks at things from the perspective of right and wrong, and overcomes her collapse. I mean, what is a contradiction in Seyran personality and... He is a natural, logical person .

In addition, now their journey is different from before. They are not just lovebirds facing problems in understanding their emotional feelings, but on the level of existential messages, I mean, Seyran just passed a test.

The sixth and final piece of evidence, and thus I consider it to have answered the question of the truth about Kaya’s feelings towards Suna. Now ifakat is the mastermind behind the idea of ​​Kaya and Suna  relationship as a means of revenge, but after a threat from his mother, she came to let him back away from the idea of ​​marriage, and as a source of influence for the evil forces within him. Kaya is supposed to listen to her or even respond to her in a simple way, but now the good side is officially in control in his relationship with Suna, and Kaya  emotional connection is based on love and protection.

It is impossible for him to abandon his protection of Suna just because of revenge schemes. Take care, I said abandoning Suna. I mean, Kaya officially announced his romantic attachment to Suna, but do not forget, because of his beautiful actions, that the turmoil of the struggle between good and evil still exists, and his evil destiny is revealed, and his revenge is coming. His hatred and hatred for Ferit  and the Korhan family is still present, and we have only seen currently his influence on Suna  message, but we have not seen Suna influence on his message, and I would like to make something clear to you, so that you do not be shocked as most people are currently experiencing a collapse with Ferit and Seyan. He It's Kaya and Suna, and they have wars of emotional attachment resulting from the fact that their relationship began, and Kaya struggle between good and evil, etc. This is not the attempts of others to separate them.

But its level will be different and beautiful from the wars of SeYran and FERIT . You will see a new type of understanding between people who have emotional wars. Personally, I am very happy with their relationship and even more happy that the writer chose the right path and, God willing, we will enjoy with them for as long a period as possible.

Kaya and SUNA marriage will be delayed, and the reason is the attempts to separate them between NUKHET , ifakat , Ferit , Seyran, and Abidin. Kaya knows that Suna still has feelings for Abidin, and it is not known whether her feelings for Abidin are true love or not. I feel that with time and with the circumstances of the plots to separate them, they will fall in love with each other, because the beginning of their relationship was all problems, rejection, and Suna. They agreed in principle to be together, meaning their beginnings were not built on true mutual love between two parties, but rather on the basis of trust.

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