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Yali Capkini Episode 45 What will be Suna fate

 Yali Capkini What will be Suna fate?

Yalicapkini Episode 45 What will be Suna fate?
Yalicapkini Episode 45 What will be Suna fate?

Yali Capkini Episode 45 What will be Suna fate?

All that remained was for Suna to engrave her pain and suffering on her body so that people would hear and understand her, especially by Seyran, who, due to her fear of 

ifakat , completely failed to understand her sister. Suna just needed someone to pamper her and say to her, “I feel your pain and your pain and I understand.” I am with you and beside you, but despite that, 

she received a barrage of attacks from Ferit and the inability to feel and understand from Seyran, meaning it was as if she was in one valley and they were in another valley, and this is what made her collapse even more despite her collapse from her father’s attempt to kill her. And trying to support herself on her own. Ok, why did Seyran get emotional? Most people accused her of living the role of the axis of the universe.

In fact, the secret of the whole matter is not sharing their problems with each other, to the extent that each one painted a picture of a rosy, problem-free life for the other. It is normal for both of them to see their problems stronger than the other, especially Suna. I will make a personal comment, far from being an analyst, and I hope not. 

You eat me, if we compare Suna and Seyran from afar, we will find that despite Ferit  and her relationship with him and his family and him being a test for Seyran in her life, the strength of her relationship with him remains on the spiritual level, giving their relationship a different strength, meaning in the worst stages of their differences and problems. 

We find beautiful scenes of spiritual connection, and I mentioned previously that it acts as a positive charge of energy in the relationship. Suna, on the other hand, has not tried it.

Support is absolute from anyone, and even at the height of her problems she tries to overcome without support and continue her life. For me, this is what outweighs Suna being the most psychologically harmful, due to the lack of external support..

Suna, for me, the girl has reached the point where she can no longer differentiate between right and wrong, because her psychological state has collapsed. Suna has a high probability of even reaching the stage of suicide because of her father and the psychological terror that keeps her living constantly, and let’s not forget what she suffered from Safwat. 

All of these things have become an accumulation of psychological pressure on her, so she sees that she has a chance of getting married. She will get rid of all of this, whether Kaya loves her or ifakat takes advantage of her, it no longer matters to her because she is psychologically tired.

Pressure generates an explosion 😲😲😲 suna was living her grief alone due to physical and psychological violence from her father, and no one supported her, and anyone who cared for her felt safe with him, like what happened with Abidin , and now Kaya, and the screaming was the result of accumulations.

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