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yali capkini Episode 44 some powerful and shocking leaks

yali capkini some powerful and shocking leaks

yali capkini Episode 44, some powerful and shocking leaks

What happened here is not an initiative, exchange, consent or acceptance.

What happened here also falls under sexual exploitation within the framework of what is called “living with abuse.”
ferit was never satisfied with his relationship with Sultan, because he was simply a victim of it and unfortunately the victim of his family 💔.

Any se-xual act with a minor or child, even if voluntarily, is considered se-xual harassment and is punishable by law. Because the victim does not realize the reality of what is happening and its dimensions.
What happened with ferit falls under the name of sexual exploitation because it continued for years, and what is most difficult of all is that this heinous crime was caused by his family. 
Something very ugly.

ferit runs away from his psychological pain, is ferit to confront it, hides it from everyone, and clings to any straw that takes him to the world of imagination, where he hides and protects himself, his psyche and his mind, away from reality, its pain and its brutality.

seyran and ferit are both victims of their families and the circumstances in which they live.
They are both psychologically unstable, and what they live alone or together affects them and their relationship.
But their way of confronting their psychological suffering is different.

seyran lives her pain in detail.
You face it and wait for support and understanding from everyone.
Staying up late has always been his way of coping with his psychological pain.
Gulgun says he took on more than he could handle:
A long journey of fighting for Seyran, then trying to kill him, paralysis, and many hardships.

She does not even know the extent of the crisis he has been going through since his childhood. Nor the extent of his current suffering.
If his mother had been there by his side, all of this would not have happened.

seyran and all the residents of the palace attacked ferit because he left her and went out at night to stay up late.
Because Seyran and everyone did not know what ferit experienced that night.
But the public is supposed to understand his condition and know that he received the greatest shock in his life and in our story as a whole: the subject of his se-xual exploitation by Sultan and his family.
In addition to the shock of Pelin and pregnancy.

seyran 's reaction and her insistence on talking to Sultan and understanding the truth that made her exposed to this kind of danger is natural and required.
The issue is big and dangerous.
ferit reaction to the psychological and nervous shocks he experienced in one day is also natural and understandable
The boy is on the verge of suicide, and any alternative response is considered to go back to life and cling to it.

Finally, a prelude to the marriage of Kaya and suna
A marriage of convenience, until each one of them stays in Istanbul and the palace and achieves his goals.
Suna, do not return to Gaziantep and violence
Her father
Kaya: Continuing his revenge plan against the entire family, especially ferit

With time, Kaya and Suna, as expected, will unite and become a force that fights ferit and seyran 

It will indeed be a marriage of common interest
Suna and Kaya will unite and be a force to be reckoned with because their goals are the same, and they will affect seyran and Ferit individually, and their relationship together. Suna, because of her nature and psychological makeup, will weaken him, and in the end, her disappointment will be very great, unfortunately 💔.

A collection of ideas for incomprehensible points that makes sense of the theory that seyran is Halis’ granddaughter:
1. ifakat pushes Kaya to marry Suna and give birth to a grandson for Halis, to become Halis’ favourite
2. When Ferit  htas a child with Pelin , what is the position of ifakat and Kaya?
3. Nukhet helps Pelin marry Ferit and expel Seyran .

4. Why insist on taking revenge on Seyran  and not on Ferit?
5. Isn’t the problem of Kaya and Nukhet the Korhan? What does Seyran  have to do with the issue and why is the focus on it?
6. Is the real reason and motive for Nukhet in taking revenge on Seyran  that Seyran  is Halis’s real granddaughter?
Is Kazim son Halis?

I read a lot of tweets and leaks talking about Seyran leaving the palace
We already saw this scenario last season
I don't want this to happen
I want to see the strong Seyran  this time, the Seyran  who defends her marriage and her love
Escaping is the option of the weak.

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