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Yabani Episode 3 Summary and Frames

Yabani Episode 3 Summary and Frames

Yabani 3 English Subtitles
Yabani Episode 3 English Subtitles

Yabani Episode 3 English Subtitles

#Yabani Chapter 3 Summary and Frames:

Despite everything, Neslihan had a DNA test done with the hair that Yaman cut and gave to him before surrendering to the police, and it turned out that Yaman was his son Ali, who was kidnapped years ago. As Yaman is kidnapped from the press and hurriedly taken home, both those who are left behind and those who are waiting for him are in a state of astonishment. 

While Neslihan, Eşref and Serhan are struggling to make amends for what they have done to Yaman, Alaz and Çağla have no intention of accepting him as their brother.  The brave cause problems because they believe they have been abandoned. 

Watch Yabani Episode 3 English Subtitles

He is neither Ali nor Yaman for those who are left behind... He gets stuck between two worlds. With the support of Rüya, he emerges from that predicament...

Just when he believes that he can reinvent himself as "Yaman Ali" and that everything will be fine, the ropes are broken by the ugly birthday surprise that Alaz and Çağla have planned...

The bitter truth that Yaman will learn when he leaves that house, never to return, will change all the rules of the game.


Detail – The low ratings of the Fox TV series Wild with the first episode sent a message that the project might not go well. Halit Özgür Sarı, who was much talked about with his performance in the series Kardeşlerim but upset his fans with his early farewell to the series, started to appear on the screen again as the male lead of a brand new series in the new season.Yabani 3 English

The Wild series, which aired on Tuesday nights, significantly increased its ratings in the second episode and surprised everyone by achieving above-average results. The Wild series, which tells the story of the kidnapping of a child born rich and growing up on the street, and then returning to his rich family, has become a highly anticipated production of how it will receive ratings in the following episodes.

The Wild series, which won first place last week with its rating in the all-people category approaching 5, can get similar rates in the ABC1 category. Although it is a little low in the EU, it is understood that the interest of the audience has increased when looking at the rates.

For Halit Özgür Sarı, it is a very important development that a project in which he played the lead role is once again on the agenda and even wins first place in the ratings. The actor, who has received intense support from his fans on social media, is in a very important period in terms of his career. The success of the series Yaban may make Halit Özgür Sarı's career jump.

Will the Yaban series, which has achieved very successful results against series such as Three Sisters and I Fit into This Cihana, be able to protect its viewers after the start of the Family series on October 3?Yabani 3 English Subtitles

The cast of the series Yaban in which Simay Barlas plays the female lead role also includes experienced names such as Dolunay Soysert and Yurdaer Okur.

The Wild series will meet the viewers with its 3rd new episode on Tuesday, September 26 on the Fox TV screen. The ratings of the new episode will also give an important idea about the course of the series.

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