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Yali Capkini Episode 17 The Other Side of the Coin

 Yali Capkini Episode 17 English Subtitles

Yali Capkini Episode 17 English Subtitles
Yali Capkini Episode 17 English Subtitles

YALI ÇAPKINI – The Other Side of the Coin

When the episode ended this week, I woke up from the screen with a very different feeling than the previous episodes. The episode was still very good, but it had a completely different atmosphere from the other sections, it was a very harsh, very tense section. We focused on the psychology of the characters as much as the events. For me, the summary of the episode was that we encountered another face of Ferit. In the previous episodes, we had a playful, funny man who often made a wave of life. In this episode, we recognized his angry face in the most painful way. Let's see when and how we will return to a man who is closer to the old Ferit. How much will Seyran be affected in this process? Where will the relationship between them go? I hope this process will end without Seyran and Seyfer being hurt any more...

We ended the last chapter with Yusuf standing at the door of the mansion. The brainless guy, who officially believed that Seyran preferred Ferit instead of him and that they had broken up, came to hold the girl accountable. The cowardly, dishonorable, imbecile who has come to blame Seyran for their separation, forgetting that he was a coward who did not dare to run away with the girl.  No, I mean, what will you hold to account and get your hands on? What if he hears that Seyran has given up on him for Ferit? It is obvious that the problem is to miss the peace of the girl. Otherwise, he would not have dared to stand at the door of the Korhan mansion, which he was madly afraid of. He doesn't care if anything happens to him anymore; He was left without Seyran, and Seyran should be left without Ferit and without a husband.

Seyran's honest explanation of everything to Ferit from who Yusuf was to why he came to the door of the mansion was the first step in starting to see Ferit's face, which we had never seen before, so we were starting to meet the other side of the coin. Until that moment, Ferit obviously didn't fully believe that Seyran didn't really want him. After all, that great Ferit Korhan can get whichever woman he wants, no woman will say no to him. At the moment, he didn't want to play with Seyran because he saw him as a toy bought for him. He had been told that he had to buy a toy, and that was all he had picked up at the last moment and bought a toy. With Ferit Seyran's account, he was confronted with the fact that Seyran did not really want him, not in words.

It wasn't the first time a woman had asked for him, and probably for the boy she found sluggish. Of course, Ferit also didn't know if Seyran still felt anything towards Yusuf, no matter what Seyran said. He even seriously questioned whether they could still be in touch. You may not respect your marriage because it is on paper, but Seyran respects your marriage, Ferit Efendi, and he will never do anything like you did.

Moreover, Ferit's opposition to Seyran's meeting with his ex-lover every time he eats with Pelin is actually a double standard. Is everything permissible when you are a man and a fault when you are a woman? He also has the right to live his life as before, why doesn't Seyran exist? However, Ferit was also quite right not to ask journalists to meet with Yusuf because of the possibility of being caught and his family finding out what had happened, a situation that could really create a huge problem within the family. Seyran should not have ignored what Ferit had said and should not have met with him with Suna's help. Even if Ferit didn't learn about this meeting, he would have lied to him and done business behind his back. Of course, Ferit, who forced Seyran to lie, also has a share in this. While he could meet Pelin in any way he wanted, he should have said well that Seyran had one last conversation with Yusuf, provided that Abidin observed him from afar, for example.

However, Ferit is really a very smart observer as well as a very good observer. He realized that Seyran and Suna were planning something. He was as sure as his name was Ferit that Yusuf would come to the place where they lived, and although he expressed the possibility of finding the girls alone when he sent Abidin there, he did not believe this at all. Suna could have sat next to them while Seyran was meeting with Yusuf, but I don't believe that would change anything. But I wish Abidin had seen Seyran and Yusuf not talking at such close range, but showing Seyran his wedding ring to Yusuf and saying, "I am married." When Abidin had no idea what was being said there, as a result of the information he gave to Ferit, Ferit may have thought in his head that the content of this conversation was a plan to escape again. However, the content of the speech consisted of Yusuf's dream world and Seyran's unbreakable will. If they knew, if they believed it, but where...

When Ferit kisses Pelin, I do not attribute the moment when he kisses Seyran to the fact that Ferit starts to fall in love with Seyran and his feelings are mixed. If Ferit had started to fall in love with Seyran, when the message came from Abidin that day, Pelin would not have stayed with him no matter what she said, and there would have been no union between them, which we know to have happened even if we do not see it. In addition, Pelin is seriously psychologically disturbed and extremely obsessed with Ferit. He officially kept Ferit at home that day with the threat of suicide. When he said, "I'm going to hate myself again," it made me feel like there was a possibility of suicide as a result of this feeling. In the meantime, Ferit's hand gesture as if squeezing Pelin's throat made me very nervous. Could it be that she hurts her while being with Pelin?

I would not exaggerate if I say that the scene where Seyran remembers his traumas from the past is the most praised scene of this episode. It was literally a scene of psychological thrillers. There should be more such scenes so that we can fully master the psychology of the character. In fact, one of my favorite things in the series scripted from the stories of Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu is that the past of the characters is also delved. The parallel established here between Seyran's past and present was striking. Seyran was waiting for Ferit's arrival home with great fear and uneasiness, just like his father came home. Since he did not know Ferit enough, he was afraid that he would use physical violence against him like his father. Again, the hours did not pass. 

It is also an important detail that it was Suna who wanted to save Seyran from his father's beating that day. It was probably Suna who saved Seyran from being beaten many times during their childhood and ate her father's beatings. Now, unfortunately, Suna wrapped Yusuf in Seyran's head, and like Seyran, she helped him meet Yusuf face to face because his life experiences were limited. Now things have gotten worse and I see a very high probability that Suna is the one who told Ferit that Seyran was threatened by Yusuf. He may even say that it was his idea to meet Yusuf face to face to protect his brother, as he had in the past.

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