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The news from Demet Ozdemir and Engin Akyurek is Adim Farah series caused a stir

 The news from Demet Ozdemir and Engin Akyurek's Adim Farah series caused a stir

Adim Farah Demet Ozdemir and Engin Akyurek
Adim Farah Demet Ozdemir and Engin Akyurek

The news from Demet Ozdemir and Engin Akyurek's Adim Farah series caused a stir

Detail – A long-awaited project Adım Farah. The series, which is first talked about to play the lead role of Aslı Enver, is an Argentine adaptation. Demet Özdemir became the lead actress after Aslı Enver's separation from the series, which started to be talked about as 'My Name is Farah', due to her pregnancy. He accepted the offer and delighted his fans with his decision to return to the screen after a long time.

Since Engin Akyürek has not been on the screen for a while after the Sefirin Kızı series, fans of the two actors are eagerly waiting for this partnership and the series, which will also be the return of the actors to the screen. Recai Karagöz is the director of Adım Farah series, which is adapted from the series called 'La Muchacha Que Limpia', which is a production that attracts attention with its interesting story and has made a lot of noise in Argentina.

The series, which tells the life story of a doctor named 'Farah' who encounters injustices in a country where he came for the treatment of his son, is produced by O3 Media. We will watch Demet Özdemir as a cleaner in the mafia's murders in order to change her whole life after a murder she witnesses, to retreat to the dirty environment of the mafia and to treat her son.

The series, in which Engin Akyürek plays a mafia member named Tahir, will be broadcast on Fox TV. Fırat Tanış, Ali Sürmeli, Lale Başar, Mert Doğan, Kemal Burak Alper also play a role in the production, which also attracts attention with its cast.

Shooting of the series began on Sunday, January 8. The frame from the first shooting day is below. Before the shooting of the first scene, the clapper photo was announced on Fox TV's social media account to start shooting. The release date of the series is not yet clear.

The latest news from the series, which has been in preparation for a long time, excited the audience! With the start of filming of the series, it is expected to be on the screen soon. On social media, Engin Akyürek and Demet Özdemir fans are eagerly awaiting the first photo from the set!

Here is Demet Özdemir's highly acclaimed cover pose!

Famous Actress Demet Özdemir is currently preparing for the highly anticipated Fox TV new series My Name Farah. The series, which is said to make a lot of noise, was first mentioned with Aslı Enver. However, after it was learned that Enver could not take part in the project because he was expecting a baby, he agreed with Demet Özdemir.

Demet Özdemir, who is preparing to return to the screen in a surprising way, will give life to a woman whose son is sick and who works as a cleaner after the murders carried out by the mafia to make a living. The new series of the actor, who is preparing to return to the screen with an unusual character, is eagerly awaited.

Demet Özdemir, who last starred in the series Doğğun Ev Kaderindir, later starred in the film Aşk Tactics for Netflix and then signed with Disney Plus and starred in the platform's 2nd original domestic series, Dünyayla Benim Aramda. It is also known that the shooting of the 2nd season of the series is planned to be done in the summer.

However, Demet Özdemir is currently locked into the My Name is Farah series! Özdemir, who will surprise everyone and return to the screens with a very opposite corner, is a name that is followed with interest in social media. The actress, who does not leave her fans unannounced, also continues to decorate the covers of fashion magazines!x

The actress, who recently appeared in front of the lens for Instyle Türkiye magazine, took part in the cover of the January issue of the magazine. Demet Özdemir, who posed with her white swimsuit and green coat, received great appreciation from her fans with her photo where sports and sexy posture meet as well as her fit body and beauty.

After the release of the magazine, the actress shared her cover photo on her Instagram page, "We had a great shot with the team, I love you very much. Welcome 2023" and thanked everyone who contributed to the message.

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