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Yali Capkini When Halis learned that Ferit had lied to his master

Yali Capkini When Halis learned that Ferit had lied to his master

Yali Capkini Episode 6 English Subtitle

When Halis learned that Ferit had lied to his master, it was clear that he would take the pain out of Ferit more than he could. Even though we have heard of his authority until today, I think we have never felt that it was like such a sharp sword. Even when Ferit decided to get married, I was not so afraid of Halis. As Halis slammed his fist on the table and roared at Ferit and those at the table, I felt in my heart the embarrassment, fear and sadness that Ferit felt in particular. This reaction of Halis should be evaluated within the family structure and family dynamics of the Korhan Family. In that family, Halis' word is the last word, and if he has made a decision, it is impossible to turn back from that decision. No words can be spoken to him, no appeal can be made against his decisions, nothing can be done to him, to his family, to his surname, and if he is done, he will never go unpunished. Therefore, it is normal for that family for Halis to put Ferit in the ground in public. 

Such situations have certainly been faced before. However, if we hit the general public, that is, if we evaluate it according to our own families, it is very humiliating and humiliating that Halis scolds Ferit as a child next to his father, sister-in-law and wife. Just when he was loved more by his grandfather, perhaps appreciated by him for the first time, everything became worse than before. As I said, Ferit loves his grandfather so much, he wants to be seen as valuable by him so much that when Halis brought him to the ground, he could not control his tears, so he was so disheveled, so he did not enter the house through the front door and kept saying that he wanted to be wondered by his grandfather.

It did not surprise me that Ferit wanted to leave the house over this incident, could not fit in the rooms, drank and distributed it, but it is frustrating that he sought solace in Pelin's arms when he had originally eaten this rebuke to make Seyran happy. Anyway, he always goes to Wormwood because he sees her as an escape. Otherwise, when she was already in love with Pelin, she could be with the girl she wanted. What saddens me is that Seyran is curious about him while he goes and is with Pelin. And wouldn't he need Seyran's help when he turned out to be shameless? Doesn't the girl smell her hair when she carries her to bed? Cucumber. You first leave your lover, then come and smell your wife's hair. However, the stage balance is definitely very good. While I curse Ferit for going to Pelin, I find myself laughing at Ferit, who is drunk five minutes later and who is behaving towards Seyran from where he is lying. ^^

It was not good for Seyran to see Iama and Orhan playing. The girl will always walk around on her spines in the mansion. That sight will never leave your mind. He can't go to someone and tell them, so he will grow up in this secret. But this secret will one day cause Seyran to become a confidant with someone from the mansion and an enemy with someone. This secret will definitely be revealed in some way because Seyran has learned. My guess is that Latif has kept this from Halis for years, but I feel like the time is approaching to learn this truth.

I was the disastrous adjustment to Ifakat squeezing lemons into Seyran's college dreams. Is this girl supposed to be like that because you can't read Gülgün? Get away with it! This girl does not have to be confined to the house at the age of 18, give birth to a child from Ferit, become a mother and put her life in a mansion. What about Orhan? He did not tell Ifakat why they had promised Seyran to go to university, but he remained silent. I was getting scabies on you for cheating on your mighty wife, but I softened a little for the love you showed for Seyran, now I'm just scabies. Watching, don't let them take away your right to education. You are first and foremost an individual, my beautiful girl. Go finish school first, motherhood doesn't run away.

Seyran got married, his father got rid of his house, but even hearing Kazim's name is enough to remember the days he lived in that house and turn into that girl. Even though he is now married, when he sees Kazim in front of him, he gets nervous as if he will not show him the slightest love and even beat him on him as before, and if you have noticed, his tension did not pass until Kazim's visit was over. The less Kazim comes across, the better, because the trauma of what Seyran went through in his father's house is not so easily overcome. He would never want to see the faces of Kazım and Hattuç, who inflicted these traumas on him, or even hear their voices. I hope that one day Seyran will also see Kazim begging him for love and will not soften against him even in this situation. 

Because Kazim never deserves attention even in his old age and illness. No son deserves to be treated as a slave instead of affection from his father. Iama also noticed Seyran's state when Kazim arrived. But it wasn't like it wouldn't go unnoticed. Seyran can never suppress or hide his feelings for Kazim. He doesn't want to look into the man's eyes unless he has to, he's constantly playing with his hands, like he's going to cry all the time from the tension. I can't wait to see the days when Seyran looked fearlessly into Kazim's eyes.

Kazim you are the only one of the rude, disrespectful, impolite, empty-handed, trickster guy. He's such a black character that I don't have a shred of love for him. For example, even the love he shows to Seyran in this episode is fake, the game, just to take advantage of the Korhans' wealth. He came to Istanbul just because of greed, using what was said behind Suna's back as an excuse. He is close to selling the property in Ayntab. The guy came to Istanbul, it still doesn't cross his mind to take a maid home, of course there is Esme and Suna. Suna gets rid of this house as soon as possible, but she is relieved. Esme also looks like stomach cancer, but the possibility of pregnancy still hasn't left my mind. Let's see if this Kazim will give his wife and daughter what is left of the food in Istanbul as well. You withhold from them, and everything in the locker is left to the poor. I hope that both Suna and Seyran will save their shoes from you, and that the Korhans will not smell five cents, that you will sell the property and eat it and crawl in misery.

Yali Capkini 6 English

I am really interested in Hattuç's arrival in Istanbul. The house she is used to, the flowers are an excuse, and her problem is Halis. Therefore, deep down, Kazim wanted to go to them immediately and not to establish sincerity. All these years have passed, but his feelings for him are still fresh, you see, in a place like Gaziantep, he has managed not to marry in those years and has managed to stay true to his love. Without forgetting, I demand that more scenes be written for Hattuç and Ferit. The difference between generation, manners and views of life is so well processed that an incredible synergy emerges. I can say that the scene I laughed the most in this episode was the conversation of the two of them.

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