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YALI ÇAPKINI Every Person Who Gets Used to It Gets Used to It Over Time

 YALI ÇAPKINI – Every Person Who Gets Used to It, Gets Used to It Over Time

Yali Capkini Episode 5 English Subtitle

YALI ÇAPKINI – Every Person Who Gets Used to It, Gets Used to It Over Time

We ended the last episode with Ferit kissing him on the lips during his arguments with Seyran. Well done Seyran, Ferit deserved this slapstick Ottoman slap. First of all, there is not only a marriage on paper, but also Ferit's lover. So there was nothing acceptable about what he did. Probably for the first time in her life, a woman must have reacted so much to him and not wanted him. What our ancestors said: "The meat of every bird is inedible." To be honest, I don't want to see Seyran and Ferit kiss before Ferit's relationship with Pelin ends. If she is going to go to Wormwood again in the end, if she is going to kiss her, she should stay away from Seyran's lips. I was amazed at how no one woke up and came into the room to the shouting and breaking of the glass pitcher. Is it because it is said that "each room is a separate house" and no one interfered in the internal affairs of their house?

Ferit's attempt to wake him up the next morning to make amends with Seyran was hilarious. Kabul is very cute when she is cute, but after this incident, it shouldn't have been enough for Seyran to be cute to forgive her. He had to understand how wrong he was doing so that he could start to respect Seyran. For this reason, I highly appreciated Seyran's resolute stance that lasted for a while. The bracelet he designed was not a bad apology gift at all, but if you ask me, when Ferit took the real Seyran to his family despite İfakat's permission, he fully apologized and was forgiven by Seyran. Because even though they are married, his mother and sister are by far the first in the importance in Seyran's life.

For the time being, I see the relationship between Seyran and Ferit as two roommates who are slowly getting used to each other rather than marriage. In the first part they were two strangers, and now I think they have developed a language specific to the two of them. Sometimes they communicate in some way, even if it is by bickering, sometimes by fighting. They understand each other. They are not yet in love, nor are they husband and wife, but I think we can say that they are like close friends. It's clear that there's an attraction between them that they notice from time to time and never admit that it is. Both this attraction and the fact that they get used to living together will eventually lead to the transformation of the thing between them into love. They will be both friends and lovers. Even if their love wanes or even runs out one day, and I hope not, this friendship will keep them together, hand in hand.

When Ferit Seyran fell into bed while trying to take the bracelet in his hand, we felt the new spark between them. Seyran had never looked at Ferit in a different way until that moment; at that moment, he looked at him in a different way for the first time. Although Ferit himself did not fully realize this, it is clear that he liked Seyran. However, no matter what happened there, Ferit only tried to take the bracelet from Seyran's hand, and he did not try to kiss him on the lips again. He would have done it two days ago, but he must have learned his lesson, so we didn't even see him move towards it. There we saw the battle of two of the two in more hand details, we saw Seyran's stubbornness, we saw that he did not lose to Ferit, we saw that he did not let his guard down, even though he was a little impressed by him.

Ferit really started to value Seyran, and I think we understood this by lying to his master and taking Seyran to his family, rather than the closeness scene where they fell into bed most clearly. After all, he knew very well what would happen if Halis understood that he was lying, and he risked it when he lied. If he had wanted to, he would have done what Seyran said, and he would have gone to work late and said that he felt better now.

I didn't like the fact that Ferit held Seyran's hand from under the table and reflexively touched his leg when Seyran withdrew his hand. There was nothing funny about this scene. Seyran is right, while Ferit made him feel after the kiss that he did not want him to approach him, this is outright harassment. While he should have stayed away from Seyran, he is officially adding fuel to the fire. But we should not be surprised, since he is a bee accustomed to taking honey from every flower, he thinks this behavior is normal because he touches the woman in front of him and does not encounter a negative reaction. But he will learn! Seyran's presence will teach him about life and how to behave correctly. 

Still, let's not eat your right, if there had been someone else in Ferit's place, even though Pelin was there, she would have been with Seyran even though she did not want to because she was my married wife, and Seyran would have been much more unhappy in this marriage. In addition, it was very appropriate to say harassment loudly from Seyran's mouth in the series and to express a wrong behavior emphatically. The screenwriter clearly makes you feel that harassment is not beautiful in the series with the lines he chooses.

I think that the first breakdown in the relationship between Pelin and Ferit has begun. We saw how upset Ferit was when Pelin never valued Ferit's work, his eye pleasure, the bracelet he first designed, and even ridiculed him. For the first time, the man felt useful, valuable, the woman immediately poured into him. Unfortunately, Ferit sees Pelin as a door to escape from his family and problems, so this relationship continues until it is revealed that Pelin arranged Sacide and her daughter with money. We cannot get rid of Pelin until this incident is revealed, but before this relationship ends, Ferit's feelings towards Seyran begin to sprout. For example, while joking with Seyran, we understood from her expression that she did not like Pelin coming unaware when they fell into bed, and the fact that she offered to watch a movie with Seyran was actually because she did not want to be alone with Pelin. Pelin literally dripped into their room because she was afraid that they would get closer after what Abidin said.

However, the scenes where the trio of Seyran, Ferit and Pelin were in the same room were a disgrace in themselves, no one should be sorry. Are you saying, "I, my wife and my lover, the three of us are one big family"? What is this nonsense! Ferit Pelin should never be allowed to come to the mansion again, okay Seyran knows everything, but this environment was downright disrespectful to him. Seyran tried to make it clear that this was the case with every word and with his departure from the room, but if I were Sazan, I would chase Wormwood directly as soon as he first arrived. Because neither Ferit nor Pelin understood the disrespect they did to him and this is Seyran's room as much as Ferit.

I never expected that Halis's mastery, talent and eye designing jewelry would pass to Ferit. While I say that only Seyran's talent will attract attention in the family, it seems that our husband and wife talents will attract attention. I think Ferit was not aware of this aspect of himself until now, and if he had, he probably would not have studied economics. Oh, I think he studied that department to finish university, and if he had been working, we would have already seen an effort in this direction. Did you see how happy Ferit was that this light in him was seen and appreciated? Because one of the things he wants most in this life is to be loved and admired by his grandfather.

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