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The story integrity of Tuzak series and the Akin Akinozu factor will be the key to success

The story integrity of Tuzak series and the Akın Akınözü factor will be the key to success!

Tuzak Episode 2 English Subtitles

The story integrity of the trap series and the Akın Akınözü factor will be the key to success!

Detail – On the TV8 screen, there is an original story of the new series called Tuzak, which is preparing to make a name for itself with its impressive and strong cast. The team of the Tuzak series, which claims to bring a new narrative style to the screen, will also take advantage of the fact that Akın Akınözü, who plays the lead role, is one of the most popular male actors of recent years.

As the trailers were released, influential names such as Bensu Soral, Talat Bulut and Rıza Kocaoğlu also met in the lead role in the series, which attracted more attention of the viewers. The series, which is a revenge story, is based on the character of Lawyer Umut taking revenge on a rich family. However, what will happen between the daughter of this rich family and Umut will change the course of events considerably.

If the trap series is reflected on the screen with a strong and good narrative style, it can make a difference in the Wednesday competition. Eagerly awaited by Akın Akınözü's fans all over the world, Tuzak will feel the support of the audience in every field.

Viewers who observe with trailers that the partnership of Akın Akınözü and Bensu Soral can be impressive expect the Tuzak series to be a new success story.

The series will be directed by Aytaç Çiçek and written by Eylem Canpolat, Ayşenur Tight and Ali Yörükoğlu.

The plot of the series, which is highly anticipated with its strong cast and story: Trap is the story of a man who has vowed to take revenge on a rich and powerful family that changed the fate of his family, as well as avenging all those who have suffered wrong.

Tuzak Episode 1 English

In the face of the destructive revenge plan, which has been worked out for years to the finest detail, she will be the intelligent and strong daughter of the enemy... Who will trap whom will turn into a puzzle.

"Trap" will be on TV8 on Wednesday, October 19 with its first episode.

For the Kadermin Oyunu series, which was broadcast on Star TV last season and made the final with its 26th episode, the expectations of the viewers to continue in the new season were not realized. However, during the season, it was only made between Star TV and the producer and it was announced that the series would be brought to the screen in the second season. However, when the rating results were low, this deal disappeared and the series finished its screen life by making the finale.

The revival of the series "The Game of My Destiny", which was the final last season, was realized thanks to the PRODU Awards. Since it was the series in which Akın Akınözü played the lead role after Hercai, The Game of My Destiny attracted a lot of attention. Fans of the actor abroad also showed great interest in the series and the character of Cemal.

Starring important names such as Öykü Karayel, Akın Akınözü, Sarp Apak, Meriç Aral, Esra Dermancıoğlu, the series was nominated for awards in three different categories. In addition to the best melodrama category, the Game of My Destiny series was one of the award nominees in the best actress and best actor categories.

Tuzak 2 English

The fact that Akın Akınözü and Öykü Karayel were deemed worthy of separate awards after their harmony in the series stands out as an important detail.

In the PRODU Awards to be announced on 9 – 10 November 2022, it seems to be an important success that the series "My Destiny's Game" is nominated for awards in 3 different categories.

Emre Kabakuşağı sat in the director's chair of 'Kadermin Oyun', produced by Nazlı Heptürk and produced by NGM Medya.

The script of the series was written by Gül Abus Semerci. 'The Game of My Destiny' told the story of Asiye, who tried to hold on to life at a young age with her two children.

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