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Gecenin Ucunda Episode 4 English Review

Gecenin Ucunda Episode 4 With English Review

Gecenin Ucunda 4 English Subtitle
Gecenin Ucunda Episode 4 English Subtitle

Gecenin Ucunda 4 English Review


Hi everyone! It feels nice to write a review and be present on this page. It would've felt better had I enjoyed the dizi, but alas! Adapted from Peride Celal's best-selling novel, Gecenin Ucunda aired last night.

The episode begins with Macide, played by Neslihan Atagul tending to a puppy in a veterinarian's office after nearly hitting it with her car. After arriving to work, she is reprimanded by her manager at the bank for failing to protect the bank's interests after advising a client to leave.

Macide's father died in a car accident when she was a child. Now, her mother blows their money on gambling. At work, Macide gets a call from debt collectors. Later on in the day Macide sees one of her coworkers being harassed. She makes an effort to report the sexual harassment but is told to let sleeping dogs lie. Ultimately, she quits.

When she reaches home, she discovers her mother trying to sell a priceless antique that Macide inherited. She informs her mother, Sermin that this is the last time she will bail her out from her financial woes.

Macide visits a tarologist with her friend Handan, who is dallying with a married man. Personally, I didn't expect the tarot cards/fortune teller stylistic device to be used in the show. For me, it didn't add anything of value, but I assume it has everything to do with the idea of "divination."

Gecenin Ucunda Episode 3 English ⇓⇓

Macide, who has a degree in psychology and is disillusioned with her job, wishes to become a healer on the advice of her late father, who told her 'those who heal are saved' when she was a child after he witnessed corporate injustice. This tarologist predicts that Macide will undergo through a significant transformation in her life and meet a man by the name of Isik who has suffered more trauma than she. In order to fulfil her destiny as a healer, she must travel to Istanbul to find a healer who will instruct her on her new path. There she will meet a man that she must be honest with so that he can trust her; else, he will kill her. Um.... yeah, not kidding, this part was included. I'd RUN. Everything about this scene was quite unclear and, in my opinion, draining to watch. A little.. foolish. But this serves as Macide's cue to depart from Ankara.

Three sons make up the Isik family: the eldest, Kazim (Kadir Doğulu) who runs the holding (stock company), the prodigious Ahmet (Sarp Levendoglu), who recently returned from America and has a behavioural condition, and Cihangir, the spoiled and sly brother. Yasemin, is their half sister, born from their mother's new marriage. All three brothers seem... unhinged to different extents.

Kazim Isik is a married man. His wife, Nermin, a painter, has just made an attempt on her life. He committed several acts of infidelity that caused their relationship to fall apart, and now they are both trapped in an unhappy and resentful marriage. There's an element of non-linear storytelling. On the day of the attempt, she went to his brother Cihangir's house and had plans to meet with a Dr. Koray. She may or may not be having an affair of her own. This doctor may or may not be drugging her? Another unclear sequence. The numerous strains in Kazim's life and the decisions he has made have led to panic attacks which he is attempting to seek medication for as he believes it demasculinises him. On the basis of the past and his generally patronising and dominating demeanour, a number of family members appear to hold a strong disdain for him. His mother allegedly cheated on his father with his ex boss Tunc, who bankrupted his father. Due to an investment in a new drug, he is stepping down from the company and handing the reigns to one of his two younger brothers.

After living in America, Ahmet Isik has returned to Istanbul when he encounters Macide at the train station with her dog. He claims it is love at first sight, but it is unmistakable to the audience that he has a obsessive fixation as he secretly photographs her. On the train, he charms Macide and gets her to accept his invitation to dinner. She considers his advances to be intrusive, but she accepts his card nonetheless because she recognises the name Isik and is reminded of what the tarologist told her. Multiple times throughout this train journey, Macide is shown to be reading a book titled "Amsterdam" by Basar Basaran. From my research, this book is one of self-discovery about a man who goes to attend his ex-girlfriend's wedding, where he oscillates between dream and reality. A similar theme runs in the show about the struggle between man's thoughts and the connection between body and soul (based on the "healer" theme).

Although she tries to hail a cab, most drivers refuse Macide because of her dog. Ahmet offers to drop her off at her destination with his driver. When she arrives at the location, Ahmet deliberately leaves the antique she was going to sell in his car to lure Macide to meet him again. Macide forgets it in her haste leaving with the rest of her belongings. Ahmet beats his driver when he tries to call Macide back to tell her that she left one of her items in the vehicle.

Macide finally runs across the healer she was supposed to meet, Sara Kohen. They begin to develop a bond. She is astounded by the healer and her capacity to read bodies. I'm not completely sure if it was reiki or holistic... Again, I wasn't interested in this entire healing story. The healer makes an effort to impart to Macide the ability to feel a person's pulse and blood flow.

Ahmet informs his family that he has met a woman. Macide calls Ahmet to retrieve her antique. Ahmet tells her that he will only be able to return her antique after dinner. Macide hesitantly concurs. During their date two days later he asks her about the purpose for her visit, offers to connect her to his brother who is a collector to sell the antique and learns more about her upbringing. There are strange pauses throughout their date as Macide doesn't seem to harbour a romantic feeling for Ahmet. The two run across Serra, Ahmet's former fiancé who is now married to Zafer, a member of the family. Ahmet learns, however, that his mother has had a heart attack during the date. Macide and Ahmet visit the hospital after the announcement. she briefly meets the family before departing from the hospital. When Macide sees Kazim suffering a panic episode in the elevator, she soothes him by checking his pulse and applying the knowledge she has gained from her experience as a healer.

The elevator doors open, and Ahmet sees the two of them, asking if she knows his brother. When Macide returns home to tell her new healer companion that she used Kazim's pulse and blood flow to calm him down, she feels a connection to him and questions the meaning. The following day she departs to take a boat ride and explore the area, Kazim reappears in front of her. They share a conversation. The audience is unsure if Kazim intentionally planned to see Macide. That evening, Ahmet contacts her and invites her to eat with his family. Macide is ambushed with questions and Kazim relieves the pressure by diverting the topic and being attentive to her needs. Macide then informs Ahmet that she finds his attitude overbearing and that she does not enjoy his high handedness. Kazim offers Macide a boat trip across the city. She accepts. The episode ends with Kazim telling Macide to stay away from Ahmet, warning her that he is not as he seems.

I watched this show for Neslihan Atagul. I missed her on screen. She's magic and always on the money. But this story was beyond disappointing. I will be bored in the long run with this long wonders messy fiction. The series has a lot of conflict, but no natural flow. I hope they flip the script.

For obvious reasons, I only found Neslihan and Sarp's scenes entertaining. The man with a fixation seeking to seduce a woman, conversation with hidden meanings, the audience awareness of his diminished faculties (dramatic irony) as we watch him commits violent acts. There was chemistry between the two. I believe it's because Sarp's character Ahmet was charismatic and a little awkward as he attempted to woo Macide. He's almost trying to outrun his own psychological illness. One man being ill would be fine, but this entire cast is on crack.

Kazim is undoubtedly the "lead." However, he was depressing and troubled by numerous family mysteries. The fortune-telling component was silly. The "suicidal crazy" wife. He didn't hold my interest. He wasn't a likeable lead. I was hoping to pull for a romance, but I didn't really enjoy the dynamics. The dreadful foreboding of infidelity with Macide that is bound to happen. The lies. It was utterly exhausting, watching him, his wife, the family and slew of secrets.


Sultan. Let's consider the idea that Firat, her kid, is also Ferit's child. He's four years old, and the show focuses on their sexual relationship through these fleetingly brief exchanges. Ferit has returned home after university, making him at best 21/22. If that child is his, he was younger than 18 when he and Sultan had an intimate relationship, which raises a number of uncomfortable questions about power dynamics and an older woman preying on a young man, depending on how they explore the storyline. Ferit's participation in this would be one thing if Sultan was single, but she's married. He knows this. This signals nothing good about Ferit's character. Its one thing to have an affair as an individual, another to participate in an affair knowing your mistresses partner and children. It's detracts from the sincerity of what is a really beautiful chemistry between the lead characters. It's beyond disrespectful to have invited his girlfriend on their wedding day, but to have left Seyran in the bathroom for hours after blind siding her. There's very little credibility being given to his character. I think the Sultan storyline should be wrapped up. There is only so much an audience can take with this level of behaviour.

Yusuf is curtailed as a coward. Is he? I mean this genuinely. We know nothing about his family. Context. This young man, 18 or 19 could be his family's oldest child. He could be the sole earner. He's in university too. He had a few minutes to deliberate Seyran's offer. Seyran's marriage took place in one day. That would mean leaving his home with nothing to offer her. How selfish would he have been to have accepted? All of the issues he raised were valid. He has no capital against a family that powerful. They would have been caught and the fall out would have been destroyed reputations. Whether he develops into a horrible character is a different matter, but I felt sympathy for him in that moment.

Suna. Again, another character people seem to have mixed feelings for. I like her. The relationship between the sisters is a joy to watch. Suna wasn't mourning the loss of Ferit so much as her own reputation and womanhood. She'll retire to misery and will be cast away. The presence of the aunt is the direct consequence of that, and creates a strong sense of foreboding. Now with Fuat and Asuman's fertility issue, it's a question of whether Fuat will marry Suna...

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