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Duy Beni Episode 17 English Review

Duy Beni Episode 17 English Review

Duy Beni Episode 17 English Review

The contestants of the Duy Beni series, The Girl in the Glass, Deceive, and Gelsin Hayat Knows, were badly played!

Detay – The 16th episode of the Duy Beni series, which was screened on Thursday nights on Star TV, was broadcast on October 20 this week. The youth series starring Rabia Soytürk and Caner Topçu continues to lag behind the summer season in the ratings, but for now the channel does not have a decision on the finale.

It is also noteworthy that the last episode of the series, which came to the screen this week, is not in the top 10 table! The same concerns about the Duy Beni series continue for the viewer, who knows that the tickets of the series that are not in the top 10 in the rating list are cut by the channels in a short time.

Duy Beni Episode 16 English

There is no clarity on this yet. The situation is not at all pleasant in the competition with the series Girl in the Glass, Deceive, Gelsin Hayat Bilir Gibi, which is in front of the series in the rating race, as well as the series Prisoner, which will make its final soon! But there is another issue that reveals a completely different situation in the face of the show's ratings: social media.

The Duy Beni series has recently attracted great attention as the owner of many records on social media. In the summer season, even the repetitions and trailers attracted attention with its thousands and reaching millions.

The magnitude of the support given to the series from social media is obvious! Although it falls far behind other series in the season and cannot even enter the top 10 in the ratings, it continues to be surprised by its effectiveness on social media!

Below is the October 20 social media rating table for this week's episode! You can see the difference that Duy Beni throws to the much stronger series in front of it...

It seems that the series broadcast on the same evening, all of which are ambitious and starring famous names, have crushed badly on social media! With 147 thousand 400 messages, the Hear Me series manages to be the first of the day this week too! For a long time, the situation does not change on Thursday evenings! But that doesn't add to the rating!

As of the 15th episode, while trying to add a new excitement and momentum to the series with the change of screenwriter, it is seen that it has almost doubled its closest rival to 5 on social media, although it cannot give the desired in the rating!

The difference that Show TV's Gelsin Hayat Bilir Gibi, which is also thrown to the series Prisoner, The Girl in the Glass and Deception, is also remarkable! However, he does not seem to be shaking the throne of the Hear Me series on social media!

The most popular couples came out of My Brothers, Duy Beni and Tozluyaka again, but with the series Darmaduman, everything can change!

The 3 popular youth series of the screen, Kardeşlerim, Duy Beni and Tozluyaka series, are the productions that are watched with curiosity especially by the young generation. The series, which are the subject of events that take place in high schools and sometimes amount to violence and bullying, have not fallen off the agenda of social media for a long time!

Monthly, weekly and yearly popularity lists are created with regular measurements made through messages and shares in social media. In Somera's latest weekly list, the ranking in the 'Most popular couples' category is again unchanged!

For months, the 3 pairs of the series My Brothers, Asiye and Doruk, Aybike and Berk, and Süsen and Ömer, are in the top three. In the 4th place of the table, which emerged with the number of messages covering the dates of October 12-19, is the couple of Duy Beni series Ekim and Kanat, and in the 5th place is Zeyno and Çağrı, the beloved couple of the Tozluyaka series.

These results have not changed for weeks or even months! In the meantime, the Darmaduman series, which is preparing to become the new favorite of the screen, is expected to change this picture! Because there is a series of Darmadumans that are likely to attract the attention of the younger generation!

The series, which is an adaptation of the Beverly Hills 90210 series that left its mark on the 90s and was broadcast under the name of Our Home Hollywood in Turkey, and signed by Ay Yapım, will be on the screen soon. In a period when youth series are in vogue, the screen is expected to attract attention as a new youth series.

Favorite male and female actors and favorite couples lists will probably also be quickly entered by Darmaduman's players and characters! The series, whose air date is announced as October 27, will be on the screen on Thursday evenings. The young cast of the series, which will be broadcast a week later, includes the most talked-about, very successful, remarkable names of the recent period! Mert Yazıcıoğlu, Aslıhan Malbora, Hafsanur Sancaktutan and Aytaç Şaşmaz star in the lead roles!

With the addition of a new one to the youth series, it is expected that there will be changes in the popularity tables! In addition to Darmaduman's 3 strong rivals named Cheating, Gelsin Hayat Knows and The Girl in the Glass, on Thursday nights, there will also be different competitors on social media! Let's see, who will shake the throne in the categories of couples and actors that have been popular for months, the Darmaduman effect on social media, where the balances will change?

In the journey of young people to discover themselves, life, friendship and love, adults also

their reckoning with their youth and their stories of re-finding themselves are told.

"Darmaduman" series is a production that is a candidate to be the new favorite of the screen...

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