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Senden Daha Güzel When the emir tells him

Senden Daha Güzel When the emir tells him

Senden Daha Güzel Episode 7 English Subtitle

When the emir tells him, "You caught me by surprise," he doesn't really want to hug; He meant that Efsun would enter her life in a way she never expected and turn her upside down, but she was not aware of it. The way he tried to pull himself together, the shape his face took and the way he shook his head as if trying to wrap his head together were the biggest indicators that Efsun was "catching his heart by surprise".

I don't know if there are others like me who pay attention to details, but I loved the scene of drinking water from the same glass that followed this scene for two reasons. The first is that Efsun felt the need to drink water at the very moment when he got up from the Emir, and the second one is that drinking the same glass means that when bilateral relations are considered. I said that when they made eye contact after hugging the Emir's neck and falling on him, they were burned, or I was right about that. Just as being in Emir's arms and being a breath away from him had an effect on Efsun, the girl immediately felt compelled to drink water. 

The influence of the Emir on women is well known. Efsun has not gained any immunity in this regard. Looking at those eyes as blue as the ocean, he felt like he had fallen into the desert because of the Emir. Let's come to the second issue where the Emir proves that he feels like him by drinking from the same glass. It was good that he experienced the same throat dryness. Drinking from the same cup is often a habit of common privacy for people who are lovers or married. So it was great to see him in #EfMir couple.

I can't speak because I don't know about the men who came into Efsun's life before, but from what I know and see, I can say that Efsun took on a more masculine role after her mother left her and her father. There are two important reasons why he acts like this. The first is that he didn't learn what he had to learn from his mother because he grew up apart from him, and the second is that he wanted to avoid it as much as possible after what he did to his "love" father. While life was difficult enough for girls who grew up without their mothers, the fact that they were deprived of what they had to learn from her caused her to gain a personality outside the social order. He was the only parent's father he could look up to, but after his wife's departure, he found a solution in alcohol. 

 That's why Efsun took Binnur's brothers as an example. Moreover, the place where he grows is also small place. It is thought that the girls who are abandoned by their mothers in the village will be like their mothers, and Efsun finds herself not only with her father; at the same time had to prove to the whole village. As for the 2nd reason, Efsun, who grew up seeing what love did to his father and that it could end one day, found a way to kidnap men by being like them...

I wish love was as it is described in fairy tales, but hoping that your heart would leave it to the mercy of another person and not break it is much more frightening than anything else in this world. That's why I find it human that Efsun, especially Emir, is so afraid to fall in love and tries to deny his feelings, but because of the possibility that everything that hurts him can be beautiful, Efsun is more open-minded about "love". "Men should not be afraid," he said, giving the message to the Emir. Whether the Emir will receive this message or not, and exactly when he will receive it depends on his development. 

If Sinan Engin had thanked me personally on the screen, I would have been excited like Efsun, but it was very meaningful that the main reason for his excitement was a jersey bearing the signature of all Beşiktaş players. It's not material like me; Seeing that he could be happy with small things of spiritual value led to a much more special bond between me and the character. I never went to the coffee shop with my father and watched a game, but when my father had to be called out, I would always go inside and go to the table where my father was sitting. I grew up in such a neighborhood that coffee houses and match culture were part of the neighborhood's social life. 

Moreover, when I learned that another thing we had in common with Efsun was growing up like a boy, I was glad that I was the one who interpreted Efsun once again. I was so used to pants that even my aunt would wonder if she could have been born with pants. I liked playing with boys more than I liked playing with girls. Because I would get along much better with the opposite sIx

She clapped her hands happy to find a logical answer . " Ya , ya that's it " . " All of your clothes ? " " Evet . " She brushed the sweat forming at her brow . Whew ! He nodded at her agreeing to her answer . " eh bayaği mantıklı " but his smile is indicating he's not buying it one bit . He wanted her to admit that she was wearing the shirt for a different reason . Maybe because she misses me ?! " Tabiki , you would wear it continuing to tease her . " because you'd rather wear it than go ... " " Than go naked . " She supplied . Her answer hung in the air . 

Emir looking deep in thought . She blushed . Why did that I say that ! ? ! " I was about to say than go do your laundry ama .... " " Emir , sus . " She placed a finger on his lips . " No. Now I think , I want my favorite shirt back . No , I need my favorite shirt back now . " " Emir sus . Allah aşkina ! " She's trying to hide her blushes with her hands , unsuccessful of course . is " Tamam , tamam . Sustum . I'm just kidding . 

Come here . " He enveloped her in a hug . " For the record , you look good wearing my shirt . " He whispered softly . Their relati at a turning point . She snuggled up to his neck and he placed a quick kiss in her hair . Both are relieved to have this dreadful day over and ended up quite nicely . Together . 30 starstruckfangirl

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