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Gizli Sakli Episode 6 With English Review

Gizli Sakli Episode 6 English Review

Gizli Sakli Episode 6 With English Review

Naz, who looks like a very cute cat from the outside, pulled out her nails when she courted Zeynep Pamir from the moment they first met. At that moment, Naz never acted like Summer, but with her own feelings, instincts, and embraced the man she loved. Because from the first moment, she understood that Zeynep was a dangerous opponent. 

Although Zeynep officially learned that the man was married, she continued to walk to the man. He was also criticizing the Nehir because he had seduced the married man, what is the difference between what he did himself? Naz is not currently in a relationship with Pamir, after all, it is a game of housekeeping, and Pamir's life before this operation is well known. As such, there is nothing more natural than Zeynep's fear that Pamir might be tempted. In fact, Naz realized for the first time that Pamir might like another woman and shift his mind to her, and he had never faced anything like this before. 

Gizli Sakli Episode 6 English Subtitle
Gizli Sakli Episode 6 With English Subtitle

So he put the ring on his finger into Zeynep's eye as if he were throwing air, and he took Pamir's hand and put on the pretense of victory, saying, "She is me." Naz was completely captive of his emotions during this encounter and afterwards, and he even faked the woman, officially making it clear for the first time that he was jealous of Pamir. Since Naz has no trauma about men and love, this behavior is quite normal. 

He has no interest in hiding his feelings, trying not to show them. But not enough to confess his love to Pamir as Naz. When Pamir was jealous of Zeynep again at the barbecue party, she openly said how jealous I was and took refuge behind Yaz and Levent. But Pamir didn't eat it, Ms. Naz should know. If you had called Pamir into the kitchen because summer was jealous, you wouldn't have lost yourself and cried out in the man's face, "I was jealous."

 Pamirci, don't rejoice that you are also envied, I feel that your love will be much greater than that of Naz. But it is very enjoyable to watch your love go step by step like this. I want you to experience your feelings within yourself a little bit more like this, to watch your first excitements before you directly confess your feelings to each other. When the taste of those moments is another and couple, unpleasant situations such as separation also come into play. So I think the introduction should be extended as much as it can be, and we should experience the excitement of waiting.

Hidden Hidden came to the screens this week with my favorite episode to date. The series is becoming more and more enjoyable, and the dose of both romance and comedy is increasing. Oh don't let it touch the evil eye. ^^ 5. According to the episode trailer, it was clear that we will have a lot of fun this Wednesday.

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