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Gizli Sakli Episode 5 With English Review

Gizli Sakli Episode 5 English Review

Gizli Sakli Episode 5 English Review

I was thoroughly sure in the last episode that Pamir was injured from the family caused by the "mother". Naz emphasized "mother" so much when talking about the relationship between Zeynep and Tarık that Pamir again directed her anger at Naz like a wound and a wild cat. But he's no longer the old Pamir, he knows he's unintentionally offending Naz, and he doesn't want that at all. But at the same time, he struggled because he could not fully open his wounds and traumas to her, but in the end, in the most reasonable way, he told him his problem in one sentence and made him feel that he valued Naz and that his goal was not to break him. 

Luckily, Naz understood this desire to be alone, and I'm sure Naz will never be stubborn with him when they encounter a similar situation again after seeing that he is counting in his sleep at night and cannot fit into the houses. However, since they are both fatherly losses, I think Naz is the person who can best understand Pamir in this respect. I think that in the future, they will heal each other's father's wounds together.

Gizli Sakli 5 English Subtitle
Gizli Sakli Episode 5 With English Subtitle

Pamir's father, who we understand from his nightmares, caught him with another man and later committed suicide, and Pamir witnessed all this when he was a small child. As a matter of fact, such a man never trusts women and does not enter into a serious relationship, and his relationships with women are one-night stands, as we saw in the first chapter. But what Pamir forgets is that not every woman will be as unfaithful, untrustworthy, uncaring about her son as her mother. Since he was not involved in Pamir's life, his mother must have left Pamir as well. So Pamir was unbelievable by Naz's mother's excessive fondness for him, and in other episodes he attacked Naz from here, shielding himself.

Oh Naz what a beautiful housemate, partner, fresh lover you are. What a beautiful person you are. When you left that house because you witnessed Pamir counting, having nightmares, and waking up, you wondered and followed him. You didn't want to leave him alone no matter what happened in his bad state. It was half the night, you didn't care if you had your pajamas on. Pamir was also happy to see such value. Otherwise, he would not talk to you sweetly and would scold you again.

The fact that Tariq had a panic attack as a mafia boss and went to Naz for therapy reminded me of my favorite movie Analyze This. There, too, the mafia boss, played by Robert de Niro, had a panic attack and was going to therapy with a psychiatrist played by Billy Crystal. The scenes were also incredibly fun, and that's what I expect from Tarık and Naz's therapy scenes. I also missed watching Tardu Flordun very much. He plays the man who inspires fear in his business life and often makes him laugh in his private life very successfully. I think the Laz accent also feeds the comedy aspect of the character.

When it came to therapy for Tarık Naz, there were fearful moments for Naz. After all, being alone with Tariq and like a psychologist is not like staying with Nehri. I liked Naz's mastery of trying to be comfortable while at the same time hiding his uneasiness. Yet their demeanor was not as confident as Pamir was with him. How worried Pamir was when he learned that Tariq had come to Naz's side, did you pay attention to Naz? Just like in the first scene of the episode, the fear of "What if something happens to Naz?" fell into him again. 

This fear did not go away without seeing Tariq get into his car and drive away. When they saw each other, Naz hugged not only because Tariq had gone, but because he had met Pamir and felt safe, and because Pamir had reunited with Naz safely. Since Pamir is so afraid that something will happen to Naz, I feel like something will happen to Naz in the end, Pamir will live the fear of losing Naz to the core, and Pamir's love confession will come at that time.

From the moment we found out that Tariq had a daughter from his first marriage, I expected that his daughter would get involved in the series and like Pamir. I watched Sinem Akyol, who plays Zeynep, in the Maraşlı series where I wrote the episode comments, and there she played Hilal, a character I later loved. He has made a successful image change not only with his hair color but also with his appearance, which is quite different from the one there. 

From the first moment I saw the character, his electricity seemed very negative to me. An incredibly cheesy person, he definitely attracted to his mother. ^^ And he keeps linking being such a person to the traumas he has experienced, but Pamir is also a person with traumas. From the first moment, even if it was scabies, he did not scatter such negative energy around. Zeynep is indeed so annoying, headstrong, rebellious that she hospitalizes Tarık. He even deliberately tried to annoy the man who had come out of the hospital.

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