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Senden Daha Güzel Everyone was looking at them reaching the dance floor

Senden Daha Güzel Everyone was looking at them reaching the dance floor 

Senden daha guzel episode 4 english subtitle

Everyone was looking at them reaching the dance floor and no one had the minimum idea what on Earth was happening , even them . Maybe it all began when she saw a few ladies almost suffocating him , or when he saw a few men turning their heads as she walked through the crowd . All she remembered as they were getting closer to the spot , was how she praised the song which started playing and how she asked him if he agrees that this was the best song to dance , when suddenly an annoying voice from behind her made its appearance . 

" Emir doesn't dance , sweetie . " The woman said and all she could feel was a strange sensation filling her body . She didn't know the woman but she seemed to know him pretty well and all that managed only to make her feel even worse . And without realising she found herself taking his hand and dragging him over the dance floor . 

But thinking through that didn't seem a good idea anymore . " I - I am sorry ! I shouldn't have done this . " She said in a soft voice , feeling a bit ashamed than she should and he didn't fail to notice that . ' She is so cute when she gets shy ! " " Done what ? "

Done what ? " " Dragging you here . I mean , on the dance floor . I don't know what got into my head , I am sorry ! We can go back ... " Efsun said , trying to avoid his looks , missing the slight smirk formed on his face . " But do you want to dance right ? " He said , looking intensively at her like he could read her mind with one look . He wished that could be this easy . Armağan wishes only with a look . That's too good to be true . " I do but you don't dance , so it's no problem . I really don't know why I did this . " " I didn't say I don't dance ! " He whispered , his warm breath tickling her skin . " But she said ... " " You didn't ask me , did you ? I usually don't dance , true ! But that doesn't mean I don't dance at all . 

I just prefer to choose who to dance with , and since we are already here it will look bad to go back . I mean , everyone is observing us . " He said , making her look around , only to see a lot of eyes turned to them , silently observing their moves . " Well , since we are here then ... "

He positioned his arms firmly on her tiny waist and she could feel the spot burning even through the dress's material . Almost instinctively , her hands wrapped around his neck , touching him slowly in the process and he knew this would be much harder than he imagined . Their bodies pressed to one another made the temperature increase and their hearts beat faster

 a slow one so they only balanced to the rhythm , trying not to think at the closeness between them . Her mind was trying to think of anything else than his sculpted body pressed against hers . How close he was and how good it felt . Her mind went to the wrong place and made her imagine how all this would feel in another context , a more private one . 

Only the two of them and nothing else than skin over skin . The only thought of that made her cheeks burn red and she mentally slapped herself for thinking these crazy things . ' Stop , girl ! You can't think of him that way , you aren't even his type and neither is he , remember ? '

Little did she know that she wasn't the only one who had those dark thoughts . Seeing her in that orange dress made him lose his mind for good . The V cut of the dress and the height difference offered him a perfect sight of her chest , and God protects him , it was driving him insane . All he could think of was how her skin would feel under kiss touch , under his kisses . How would she say his name in a more unofficial way , with no trace of hate but pleasure . 

And as the song finished they both realised all they thought they could manage was slipping from their hands and there was no way back . It was already too late , especially when he bent down to her ear again only to whisper : " There's no one more beautiful than you tonight ! " 

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