Saturday, June 18, 2022

Oglum Episode 15 English Review

Oglum Episode 15 English Review

Kubilay Aka, who finished the My Son series, is now having a new experience on another set!

Detay – Show TV screen and 15 episodes of the series My Son made the final and said goodbye to its viewers. In the series, Kublai Aka was also a part of the strong cast and again attracted attention with his effective performance.

The actor, who showed himself with the series Vatanım Sensin and made the best debut of his career with the series Çukur, immediately went to the set for his new project after the series Oğlum. The film, which is prepared for the festival titled Mother's Lamb, directed by Umut Evirgen, continues to shoot. Kubilay Aka, who met his co-star Necip Memili in the series Çukur in his new film project, is also in the same cast with Tansu Taşanlar, Selin Şekerci and Hatice Aslan...

Kubilay Aka said, "The series is over, we shot a music video with Mor ve Ötesi. We had a lot of fun. Apart from that, I continue Umut Evirgen's film. We have a nice cast, we have fun on the set. We had a very nice set."

Stating that everything was fine on the set and that the whole team was excited, Kubilay Aka wished that a beautiful project would emerge.

Umut Evirgen, who co-wrote the screenplay with Feride Çiçekoğlu, will re-exhibit her directing experiences with Her Mother's Lamb.

Kubilay Aka was also asked about the series Erşan Kuneri on Netflix, which caused Cem Yılmaz to receive reactions from some circles...

The actor said, "I like it very much. I don't understand the backlash, I think everything should be tried, it should be in this country. When I watched it, I found a good job, I was happy to watch it. Everyone is doing something. Everyone should congratulate a little. We have to start loving from ourselves."

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