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Senden Daha Guzel The episode begins with Efsun and Emir

Senden Daha Güzel The episode begins with Efsun and Emir

Senden Daha Guzel 5 . The episode begins with Efsun and Emir arguing over the kiss . We all know the man had no hesitation about planting his lips on her , so 

he needs to keep quiet lol . They did an excellent job of introducing the competitive spirit . We can see how territorial Emir is of the clinic ; the clinic appears to be a separate part of the hopsital . 

They've introduced his father ( who seems a little too jolly for my tastes but we shall see ! ) . Emir holds a turbulent relationship with his father , who appears to 

question some of his judgment calls , therefore lending his support to the idea of a joint partnership between Emir and Efsun . I appreciate that there's a plot 

concerning Emir's ego as a professional . I believe it's a fantastic storyline to delve into . 

I enjoyed how Emir experienced immediate regret after offending Efsun to an unacceptable degree . Although I didn't anticipate it , the dizi is doing the “ secret " 

storyline . I guess the result will be that Emir is aware that Pervin is misleading Efsun with this " three month " contract , and as Efsun will be in love with him by 

the time she finds out ...

Although I occasionally think the romance scenes are a touch forced , this episode flowed so much better than Episode 1 did overall . It gets a 7 out of 10 . It was 

slower . I've definitely reached the point where I'm having fun with the dizi . I would say that two things seemed a little strange to me . Pervin's operation being 

performed by Emir . He is a plastic surgeon , right ? He is mostly focused on aesthetic surgery , unlike orthopaedic or neurosurgeons who deal with peripheral 

nerves . 

I liked the part of the episode where Efsun talks about having free congenital - treatments for conditions like cleft lip and palate , facial and ear deformities in the 

clinic . I liked that his mother wasn't actually rude to her , and took the time to get know her . These characters aren't OTT nor prejudiced . The episode ends with 

Efsun realising one of her patients has falsified her medical information . The patient has high thyroid levels potentially creating a life endangering situation as she 

is undergoing liposuction . She enters a coma mid - surgery . Emir goes to find Efsun to support her . The scene with the horse riding will NEVER not be funny to 

be . Finally we arrive at the end where Efsun falls off her horse .

I'd give Episode 3 a 5/10 . In all honesty , I wasn't feeling it . Emir doesn't need to breathalyse her face when he applies ointment to her wound . 

Too much of the romanticism is contrived . It seems like planned acting . There is a flow to rom - coms , and this dizi is always travelling by steam train . In one 

respect , I would say this is where Seversin is doing better ( the pacing ! ) I'm not suggesting that the leads shouldn't come close . 

They should either let it happen once or twice in the episode or gradually introduce specific touches or looks . Too often , there are too many unnecessary 

touches and close up shots . I'm here for a love story . They don't make good use of Cihan Ercan or Anil Celik . In Erkenci Kus , these two made up a comedy team 

( Zebercet and CeyCey ) . Although they may make people chuckle , their jobs and dialogue has often been pretty uninteresting . Really dislike Emir's brother . I 

find the boy annoying , spoiled and don't feel much interested in his romance . Sorry not sorry .

I thought the scene where Efsun was trying to suss out why Emir was in the hospital to be great . I like these types of interactions . I also liked the 

scene where she is trying to get mother and daughter patients to avoid each other . She didn't tell Emir that she poached his client . Professionally , she should 

assume that he has a reason if he's denying that woman any further plastic surgery rather than undermining her colleague . 

Emir's mother is the QUEEN of jumping to conclusions . Honestly , relieved Kaya isn't cheating because they do that in every romcom . However I also don't like 

how dismissive the Kaya is of her professional ambitions ! He treats her interests as hobbies . The patient with the thyroid issues is suing Emir . His father could 

definitely be more supportive of him . That lady could have ruined their medical careers . Any thoughts on the dizi so far ??

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