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Senden Daha Güzel The series follows a doctor named Efsun

Senden Daha Güzel The series follows a doctor named Efsun

Summary The series follows a doctor named Efsun , played by Cemre Baysel who works in Gaziantep " Antep " , a small city in southern Turkiye . Emir , a doctor from Istanbul , played by Burak Çelik stands outside the small clinic , before entering . He has been attempting to see Efsun all morning , going so far as trying to obtain an appointment via the receptionist . She , on the other hand , believes he is a pharmaceutical representative and goes out of her way to avoid him while seeing all of her patients . At mid - day she encounters good acquaintance and patient Elif who has calloused swollen fingers from working in the fields . 

Efsun exits her workplace and goes to the nearby café to scold the woman's husband , even suggesting amputation of Elif's finger's to scare him . Before she returns , she bumps into Emir who has followed her here . At several points during these interactions , he gives her what could be described as adoring stares . Despite his attempts to speak with her , she ignores him . At the end of the day she finally leaves her office , and gets on her horse to go towards the village centre as the locals are preparing a dowry for one of the residents ' marriage . 

As the community is so tiny and intimate , I assume everyone knows one other . When Emir sees her riding her horse , he is taken aback and pursues her with his car . In the town centre , both are prickly towards one another , throwing a few jabs back and forth . Locals even wonder if she's engaged to Emir , who finds the whole thing amusing .

Finally , he introduces himself , not as a pharmaceutical representative , but as Efsun's mother's driver . He informs Efsun that her mother , Pervin is dying and would like to see her . Efsun refuses to accompany him to Istanbul because she was abandoned by her mother when she was only twelve years old , leaving her father single , and turning towards alcohol . Emir delivers her home and informs her that he will be in town for the remainder of the day and tells her to inform him if she changes her mind . She walks into her apartment and notices him loitering outside her window . 

We then experience a flashback to when Efsun was a child and her mother abandoned her . She changes her mind and informs Emir that she will be go with him . During their 11 - hour car ride to Istanbul , they grow marginally closer . When Emir takes her straight to the Istanbul clinic , she is flummoxed . Her mother greets her there , looking completely well . When Emir gently exits the room . Her mother then tells her that she wants Efsun to run the clinic after her , as she is experiencing peripheral neuropathy ( and she will lose her sight soon ) . 

She follows this with a threat , stating that should Efsun not comply , she will take the farm her father is running away from her because she still owns it . Her mother then inquires as to why Efsun stopped practising surgery after studying in the United States in order to become a regular practitioner . Efsun refuses to explain but says that she will work in the clinic as a dermatologist only for the next three months , with the contingency that at the end of the three months , the farm will be signed over to her . Pervin concurs . After that , Efsun goes outside and slaps Emir , who permits it after learning he is not a driver , but a doctor .

The notion that Efsun run the clinic , on the other hand , affronts Emir . He's the son of Pervin's business partner , Kaya , and he intends to run the clinic himself as the lead plastic surgery surgeon ; he just thought he was bringing Efsun to speak with her mother . Everyone believes Efsun a " simple " village doctor rather than a surgeon . Efsun informs her father that she would be spending the next three months in Istanbul . Emir's adjoining flat has been assigned to her . His apartment is on the level below as hers . 

Her flat is sparsely furnished . He explained that he had planned to keep both apartments to himself and didn't like the existing furniture in the above therefore removed it when she goes downstairs to question him . He questions if she's hungry . She then spots food on the table and assumes he is preparing it for dinner . He smirks , and his date for the night enters his apartment . His date for the evening enters his flat as he chuckles . Efsun returns to her flat , gets takeout , and sleeps in a lounge chair . She doesn't have running water in the morning and goes to his apartment to shower when his one night stand exits the shower . 

She gets dressed , showers , and overhears the prejudiced Emir call his date for the nice a " 7/10 " . He rates his women based on their looks as a plastic surgeon . Ethics , nerde ? She goes to work . Emir consults her on a case , where a man wants to change his entire exterior in order to be appealing for his girlfriend . Emir consults her on a case , where a man wants to change his entire exterior in order to be appealing for his girlfriend . Emir agrees , but Efsun disagrees , leading to him publicly humiliating her for her professional opinion .

Efsun learns three characteristics of Emir's that day : 1 ) Emir is a player ; 2 ) Emir is a shark ; and , 3 ) Emir is being handed a prestigious award that night , she learns from one of her clinic co - workers . It would be ideal if both partners of the firm attended in order to make the best possible impression , but Emir wants Efsun to leave , so he neglects to inform her . As she leaves work , a young lady frantically asks her where Emir is . Assuming she is another of Emir's many dates , she hands her the flyer for the awards ceremony that night . 

Efsun even lays a trap for him by behaving nicely at her apartment that afternoon , asking him to come over tonight for coffee to discuss the clinic but he refuses citing " prior commitments " . When Emir arrives at the awards ceremony , he notices a stunning woman standing near the bar . He realises it's Efsun as she turns around . He smiles and tells her that she got him , and that she is far smarter than he anticipated . 

They walk arm in arm to show a united front as business partners , when Emir spots Phyllis , the lady Efsun invited . The clinic staff is terrified since Phyllis is Emir's stalker . Emir seizes Efsun and flees to a theatre . When Efsun notices Phyllis approaching them , she tells Emir to kiss her . This man had no hesitations Imao . The show comes to a close with an Erkenci Kus - style kiss !


I would give the first episode a 6.5 / 10 in my perspective . I liked it . With a few tweaks , it might have been even better . But it's not enough to dissuade me from continuing , so I'll keep going with bolum 2. I enjoy romcoms with substance . Cons The build - up to the leads meeting is a big feature of romcoms . This can happen anywhere from a third of the way through or at the very end of the episode . The formula is effective . Kiralik Ask ( one - third ) ; Erkenci Kus ( near the end ) ; SCK ( one - third ) ; AMI ( one - third ) . Emir began the dizi by standing outside Efsun's place of work and meeting her within five minutes . For whatever reason , that didn't work for me . There's a pace issue here . 

When you consider how much I covered in my summary , you'll notice that it's a lot of content for Bolum 1. The nature of the conversations that were taking place would have been more suited to Episode 2/3 when you get to know the characters a little more . They are interacting ALOT for E1 ( which is fine ) but I would have preferred a better build - up . 

• Alot of lovey looks for E1 . This isn't a case of falling in love at first sight . He is enthralled by her . Yes , she challenges him , but his character is supposed to be prejudiced and a tool . Mother seemed unfazed to seeing her daughter after 10+ years . They didn't ask any questions as to the whys of this traumatising event . There's no curiosity . There isn't much rage . She now sees her on a daily basis , only having professional conversations with her .

Emir being a player extravaganza is something I could do without . Let me rephrase that , I don't think Efsun needed to see his ONS coming out of the bathroom , knowing they'll be together in his apartment soon . I think seeing him on dates would have adhered to the player image , without the details . But whatever ! 

• The dialogue at times felt forced and unnatural ( again , I believe they'll grow into their roles ) . Pros ( because we like to end on a positive ) 

• The supporting cast was not bothersome ; Seversin , please take notes . 

The supporting cast is crucial to my enjoyment of a dizi . I really cannot do annoying characters . They were okay here , and I anticipate will get better . Second half was better . First half was shaky , but I got into it in the second half . Things were flowing better . I like the tropes . Here we have enemies to lovers , doctors who are competing professionally , and perhaps some angst , with a dash of family trauma . They're basically living together so we will get very good interactions ! I hope Efsun dates and we get some jealousy or misunderstandings , nothing detrimental . I do sense great chemistry , so overall I liked it . TURKISH DIZI LOVER

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