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Kardeşlerim Episode 56 With English Review

Kardeslerim Episode 56 English Review

Kardeşlerim Episode 56 English Review

Ahu Yağtu holds up a mirror to real life with her role in the series My Brothers!

Detail – Famous actress Ahu Yağtu took a break from television series for a while after her effective performance in the series called Kadın. The actress, who is reuniting with the audience as Suzan in the series My Brothers, also gives her role justice. The contribution of experienced actors to the story along with young names brought the love of millions to the series.

Ahu Yağtu also takes part in the character of Suzan who has a passionate relationship with the character Akif in the story and knows how to go through many difficult events. Yağtu commented on the relationship between Akif and Suzan with the following words:

"It's actually a great passion between them. They are like common criminals. I think they complement each other very well in that sense. No matter how evil he has done, Akif... Somehow he can't give up because he sees him as a hero. Still, he keeps it aside. But I don't know what happens next."

With the divorce of Akif and Nebahat, the change of the character of Suzan also attracted attention. At times, viewers cannot solve Suzan's feelings for Akif.

Akif is a bad person and he and Suzan have complementary aspects. In fact, Susan, who also sees evil from Akif, somehow cannot break away from him.

Underneath this is the fact that, according to Ahu Yagtu, he sees Akif as a heroic person. Do you know how much this situation happens in real real life?

The stories of many women who are subjected to violence from the man they cannot give up despite seeing evil are actually represented by the relationship between Suzan and Akif in the series My Brothers.

Everyone is happy with the change of the character of Nebahat in the series My Brothers, including Simge Selçuk!

Detail – My Brothers is counting down to the season finale, but millions of viewers are already ready for the third season. The series, which brings together young actors and experienced names and has achieved success with a strong story and an effective synergy, is the second most watched series of Saturday nights.

Although overshadowed by the success of TRT1's Gönül Dağı series, My Brothers has done much more successful than many series aired this season. We often see the character of Nebahat in the entertaining moments of the drama-heavy series. Nebahat, successfully portrayed by Simge Selçuk, exhibits an aspect of the series that remains in the background but gives pleasure to the viewers.

There are many viewers who can't get enough of watching Simge Selçuk and the actor is very happy with the character. Simge Selçuk said, "I am having fun too. I have a lot of fun with Nebahat. I've been having more fun lately."

The character of Nebahat had previously come to the fore with drama topics in the story. However, the fact that the character has recently come to a more entertaining point and the positive effect of the change on both the audience and the actor does not escape attention.

Simge Selçuk said, "We had many emotional scenes before, the divorce process with Akif. After that, Nebahat broke away thoroughly."

With the divorce of the characters Akif and Nebahat, played by Celil Nalçakan, in the story, the change became much more pronounced. The entertaining moments of the character Nebahat in the heavy drama story won the appreciation of the audience.

Among Nebahat's feelings for Akif is love, but even more revenge comes to the fore.

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