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Kardeşlerim Episode 55 With English Review

Kardeşlerim Episode 55 English Review

Kardeşlerim Episode 55 English Review

Who is Melis Minkari? Where is he from – Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Melis Minkari was born on 20 August 1998 in Istanbul. Turkish television and film actress.

Name: Melis Minkari

Date of Birth: August 20, 1998

Place of Birth: İstanbul

Height: 1.60 m.

Weight: 50 pounds

Zodiac sign: Leo

Eye Color: Brown

Siblings: She has an older sister

Family: He was born and raised in Istanbul. She has an older sister.

Childhood: He says his childhood was beautiful. "I had a childhood that I said was a good thing about. I grew up in a lush green site away from the city, where I had a group of 8 friends. They called us 'gangs' because we were a total nuisance. Yes, they were angry with us, but as long as we did not cross the border, there was no interference. We were very free, so we produced a lot. We made small wooden ramps for jumping on a bicycle, we made games for ourselves with the toys in the park, everyone learned to play an instrument over time, we made music... And while this was happening, we were very small. So that's how our foundation was laid. My interest in art,

I think that's where my fondness comes from. The only difference is that I have a problem with what I am producing now and I produce more consciously... I first enrolled in a course in the 10th grade. Then we agreed with Gaye Sökmen Agency, with whom I still work, and I continued on my way with the trainings I received. I started to love it more and more and I looked, I can't imagine myself doing any profession other than acting."

Education: Graduated from Private Şişli Terakki High School. Later, she studied acting in private agencies. She completed the Professional Acting course at Dialog Anlat Communications. She continues her education at Bilgi University, Department of Cinema. He also speaks English at an advanced level. She continues to receive acting training at the Craft Acting Workshop, which she started in February 2016. He's also very good with music. "I enjoy playing guitar and piano. Apart from that, I am studying Cinema at Bilgi University. I also feed my side of cinema that is interested in behind the camera and photography. Since acting is a field that I enjoy more in the production process and that I think has improved me, the trainings I have received have always been on top of it. Now, thank goodness it's my job."

The turning point of his life: It all started while watching Harry Potter, the favorite movie of his childhood, which he fell in love with. "I was watching the movie like I was playing. The idea probably first settled in my mind like this, and then it always stayed there. When I moved to high school, I started to receive trainings and go to courses. Although we stayed until the morning and worked when necessary, I never got bored or tired in those courses, on the contrary, I always felt alive. I love this job. I'm happy doing what I love, and it's growing me. I noticed them. Of course, this decision did not happen all of a sudden, I found myself holding on tightly to this decision in the process. Brothers and sisters are my first project. I don't remember much of the character's arrival. Because I was constantly sending auditions somewhere during that process. 

I had forgotten what I was sending. One day my manager called me and told me that I had been accepted into the project. Then I suddenly found myself on set. I loved the character of 'Aybike' that I played. Because his frame is very wide character. That's what I needed in my first job. His field is a very wide character. It's an area where I can be very free. Our director also leaves it very alone. As an actor, I both discovered myself and had a great opportunity to explore acting in front of the camera."

First step into acting: She started her television adventure in 2021 with the character of 'Aybike' in the series 'My Brothers' and became widely known with her first child.

Personality traits: Have a personality that can't tolerate injustice. "If I have a problem with someone, I want to talk to the other party in some way, I can't keep it. I think that makes life a lot easier; at least the problem is talked about and solved before it grows."

Social: He usually spends his off-set time at school. "It's a bit strange, but school is a place where I store energy and have peace. It is also very nice in terms of my social life. At least we can see my friends there and catch up. I take singing classes outside of school and try to watch as many movies as I can."

Mindset: He doesn't accept the fact of failing. "I don't think it's like failing. You don't know you've failed until you succeed. The so-called failure is part of that path. The struggle continues constantly. I don't think much about the perception of beauty. Something either looks good to me or doesn't. I can say that I love imperfections; things that haven't been played yet, that have been left to their own devices... I like to look at the details. Colors, textures... But I don't hold on to them as an understanding. I'm flexible about it."

A source of happiness: Acting in his first project, My Brothers, with many experienced actors is one of the greatest sources of happiness. "It is very valuable to take part in such a project where valuable names such as Celil Nalçakan and Fadik Sevin Atasoy and Cüneyt Mete are involved. They are all precious to me. Imagine playing on the same stage with these people you learn a lot from even if you just watch them... I really respect them all deeply and I love them very, very much. Good thing they are... It's a pleasure to play with all of them. But I enjoy playing with Cüneyt Mete the most. Because I've never seen someone so fun in my life. There are a lot of pinpoint answers. It makes you laugh a lot. So is Fadik Sevin Atasoy."

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