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Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 24 With English Review

Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 24 English Review

Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 24 English Review

Uğur, who saw that his mother was upset because of the tension he had with Helin, did not go unnoticed by Cemal even more sad and unhappy than him. Cemal Uğur, who questions the reason for his son's mood, immediately confronts his wife when he learns that Helin has threatened to report Asiye to the police as a result of his now usual vacuum.

The confrontation, which began by expressing Cemal's remorse and remorse in response to Helin's accountability, became tense with Helin's increasing apprenticeship, even though Cemal maintained his calm. I would have expected Helin, who accuses Asiye of lying and disturbing her happiness, and her husband for hiding the truth, to be honest first so that she can be right to be held accountable. 

I didn't know if I should laugh or cry when he said he kept quiet even though he learned the truth. If it had happened as he said, if he had just shut up and retreated to his corner, he would have been able to empathize with him because of his victimhood and disappointment, but now we have to criticize his senseless anger, his ambition that he cannot control, his selfishness. Helin just deceived herself by pretending to be "pretending" for years. 

Her husband loved her, they were happy, they were peaceful... I think that Cemal's statement that he has been protecting Asiye because she is the mother of his children, contrary to the image of burning the ships by risking everything for a while, and that he does not say that he is still in love with her, is intended not to anger Helin even more. However, this was a futile attempt because Helin does not even give Cemal the right to choose, threatening to follow in the footsteps of his mother and denounce Asiye on the day he receives the divorce summons.

It is not known whether Helin thinks that she has won a victory by holding her husband by force. To me, nobility and pride are the golden bracelets of a woman. I am not very supportive of actions such as taking revenge when betrayed and not letting go of the lover/spouse who does not want you and wants to leave. In this context, Helin's obligatory husband to her, in my opinion, is not a success or superiority, but a lack of pride and a weakness.

I would like to remind the thoughtless Nergis, who reproaches her father for taking a break from her search for a new home, that such an action would be too absurd when Ahmet is battling a deadly disease. This girl's selfishness also attracted her father... Nergis' joy at finding a new home, ignoring the fact that Ahmet needs his father very much now, is replaced by disappointment and anger when Cemal says that he has given up on divorce, and the words we have heard from time to time fall from his lips: "I hate you". It is true that if I am not going to be lynched, I think, "If you become so extremely fatherly, the result will be such frustration." I can no longer evaluate Nergis' reactions, actions and discourses, and emotional changes within the boundaries of adolescent trips, I am sorry. 

According to him, his parents cannot and should not love anyone but each other. They must reunite no matter what has happened between them. Only their own truths apply, it doesn't matter what others think or feel. Helin is said to be dealing with her mother, and she is right, but she is also very obsessed with Helin. When Cemal says he has given up on the divorce, the only question he asks is whether he likes Helin. However, if he manages to listen to the voice of his logic, he may think that there may be various reasons not to leave, such as Ahmet's happiness and the fact that the new order that his own family will establish will not be broken. In my opinion, it was a fashionable move for Cemal to hide the main reason why he gave up on the divorce at the expense of a reaction so that Asiye and her children would not be upset any more.

Zuhal's house, which we have started to see frequently, has been pregnant with important developments this week. While the Zuhal – Meral friendship was advancing day by day, Zuhal, whom Zahide visited suddenly to put an embargo on the news about her marriage, almost hopped up and down because Meral was in the house. Are we surprised by the brazenness of Zahide, who came to the woman's house and reproached her for politely throwing her away? Of course not.  Another thing I wasn't surprised about was Zahide's catching bigger fish than Meral.

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