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Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 26 English Review

Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 26 English Review

Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 26 English Review
It was not difficult to guess that the pleasant moments that the four spent would be interrupted by Helin. While hurriedly dragging Cemal into the mansion with the news that Ahmet had a high degree of fever, he said that Ahmet had nothing. We are at a point where my vocabulary is no longer sufficient for Helin. As a mother, it is impossible for me to understand how she has fit into her conscience to make her son, who has just recovered from a deadly disease, a part of such a game.  While the boundaries should not be pushed so hard even for love, I cannot explain Helin's moves by loving her husband very much. A game that smells entirely of ambition and selfishness that he has set up.

As he himself admits, he has no tolerance for losing. Although he has a lifelong bond with Jamal, he is about to destroy the respect that Cemal has had for him for a long time with his mistakes in a row. Unfortunately, I cannot wish anything other than to wish wisdom and ideas to Helin, who assumes that her husband has turned to her and sees this as a success because she welcomed Cemal with her ornate nightgown and forced her to sleep in the same bed with her through Ahmed.

Helin, who wakes up on the morning of the same night with the same unwarranted happiness, goes downstairs thinking that she and her husband and son are down to breakfast when they cannot see them in bed, because Cemal and Asiye have a pleasant morning with breakfast and play together. Cemal mutlu, who has been able to bring all his children together and devoted his whole life to making them happy, Nergis is happy because he can finally reach the family environment he has been dreaming of for a long time, Uğur – Ahmet is happy and Asiye, who is a ponchik duo who never wants to leave each other, is happy and feels a justified peace from this happiness of their children... 

With Helin, who became more and more demonized day by day, becoming aware of this escape, it was not difficult to guess that the minutes would not last long with this joy. As if Ahmet were only his son, as if the father and son had no right to engage in any activity together, he soon took Ahmet away from the environment in which he had stepped on Cemal by spewing anger at Cemal for taking Ahmet out without his permission. No matter how much she wants to make a salad of words, it is obvious that the problem is not that Cemal takes Ahmet away without informing her, but that there is a possibility that Ahmet will merge with Nergis and Uğur and see Asiye as his second mother in the future. I think Helin's exaggerated ambition will only burn himself out in the end. As of this episode, for some reason, I have the feeling that Helin will lose her life by suicide or car accident in the finale and that I will be a mother to Ahmet Asiye.
While I consider it necessary to convey my deepest regrets and reproaches to the screenwriters for Mahir's place at the top of the list of characters that have been unfairly wasted in the history of Turkish series, I would also like to be thankful that he was finally given his right at the end of a chapter in which he was eliminated. It was inevitable that Uğur, who had drawn an image as if he had forgotten Maher since he started to establish a father-son relationship with Cemal, would reconquer our hearts when he said that he saw him as his second father from now on, let alone sharing his happiness with Mahir.

Uğur is a truthful and compassionate child. For this reason, I knew that he would not break away from Mahir, but one wants to be sure of this both with actions and discourses. In this context, Nergis, who is known for his rebelliousness and selfishness, who has been more distant from Maher until today, was both surprised and delighted when he expressed that he would always see him as a brother and that he would want him to be in his life, although he was upset that they did not inform Maher when they went to breakfast.

I don't know about you, but my favorite scene in this episode was the Jamal – Mahir confrontation.  Who would have thought that Jamal and Mahir would put aside their battle axes and chat like two friends. A lot of water flowed under the bridge, mistakes were made, sufferings were suffered, but in the end they both became more mature, they realized that there would be no winner in this war. Jamal learned from his mistakes, tempered his ambition and ego. Mahir managed to adjust the dose of his excessive possessive drive. As the interchangeable delayed confessions came, it could be seen that they wanted to open a new page in their relationship. I think this confrontation will be a milestone in the relationship between the two. 

I would also like to say that I agree with Cemal that they can be friends from now on. On the other hand, I would like to thank her for admitting to Maher the truth about Zuhal's pregnancy, whose development we have been witnessing for weeks with the wishes of "Come on, when, let her learn". If it was the old Jamal, I would have thought that he would have told this truth to Maher in order to distance him from Asiye and the children, but now I have no doubt that Maher has revealed this secret because he wants him to start a family and not to let Mahir's child live the fate of growing up without a father that his own children experience. Aside from the beauty of Jamal's gesture, I wanted to teleport into the screen at that moment to eat the sweetness of Mahir, who met this news with justifiable surprise. My budgie, who was entangled with each other and could not fit in, rose up with all his sympathy to talk to Zuhal without wasting time.

Cemal was shaken by the farewell phone call from Ahmed before he could experience the joy of reuniting Maher with his babies. Helin, who is obviously avenging breakfast, does what was the reason for her astonishment to Cemal a few hours ago and kidnaps her son from his father.  His last words to Cemal, who is infuriated by anger, are very hurtful:

"I wish you happiness with the asiye and your children. You get rid of both of us. You won't see us again. You sent us out of this life. You are solely responsible for what has happened and what will happen, and you will have to live with it for the rest of your life."

Helin, who again succumbs to his ambition, who uses his son again, and Cemal, who will be forced to live with pain and remorse as history repeats itself. The only difference is that this time he will be punished for his wife's mistakes, not his own. Let's see if Cemal can stop this escape.

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