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Icimizdeki Ates Episode 1 English Review

Icimizdeki Ates Episode 1 English Review

Icimizdeki Ates Episode 1 English 

Burak Sevinç will surprise his fans with his new series on ATV!

Detail – Famous actor Burak Sevinç showed a very rapid rise in his career in the period after gaining great popularity with the series Söz. Burak Sevinç, who has put his name to the lead roles in the projects he has taken part in in recent years, has portrayed very different characters.

The actress played the lead role in the historical series consisting of 26 episodes called Aşkın Yolusi Hacı Bayram-ı Veli, which was last broadcast on TRT1. After a historical personality like Mevlana, the actor will now appear before the audience as the lawyer Doğan who does not deviate from the top. The series, which will start on Thursday evening on ATV, will be meaningful both in terms of addressing the issue of law and revealing the need for justice, and the energy of young actors will be reflected to the viewers.

Burak Sevinç said that as a successful lawyer in the series İçimiz Ateş, they will tell a story from life. "This business is not a romantic comedy. This job describes life itself. We will have love, we will have sadness, we will have love, we will have joy. Whatever happens in life itself will happen."

Stating that the most important message that the series will give to the viewers is "struggle", Burak Sevinç said, "In general, we all have things that we experience in our lives. We may encounter some problems from time to time. How are we going to react to that? How are we going to have that struggle, that's actually the case..." said.

With these words, Burak Sevinç stated that there will be a series in which stories from life will take place, the concept of justice will come to the fore and how the characters react to the problems experienced will come to the fore.

The series İçimiz Ateş meets the audience on Thursday, June 23 on ATV

The highly anticipated broadcast date of the series 'İçimiz Ateş', which will be broadcast on atv screens, produced by Fabrika Yapım and produced by Öner Arslanel, has been announced. 'İçimiz Ateş', which is in full swing and will leave its mark on the summer screen, will meet the audience on the atv screen with its first episode on Thursday, June 23.

'The Fire Within Us', which will stand out with its striking characters and gripping story full of mysteries, and which has already won the praise of the audience with its introductions, has a successful cast that brings together experienced actors and young stars.

The project is directed by Murat Onbul and written by Nimet Erdem, Birol Elginöz, Nur Özlem Elginöz.

The cast of 'İçimiz Ateş', which will tell the story of four strong, intelligent, ambitious and successful young people who stepped into the business world of holding on to life and reaching their dreams, includes Burak Sevinç (Doğan Yener), Ceren Benderlioğlu (Tülin Tan), İpek Filiz Yazıcı (Hale Vural), Atakan Hoşgören (Ege Şahin), Gizem Arıkan (Bahar Sayın), Demirhan Demircioğlu (Mert Karaman), Erdem Şanlı (Ceyhun Karaman), Bilge Su Kural (Banu Sayın).

'The Fire Within Us' starts on Thursday, June 23 on ATV.

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