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Destan Episode 27 English Review

Destan Episode 27 English Review

Destan Episode 27 English Review

In the Epic series, Deniz Barut got used to the character of Ulu Ece!

Detay – Deniz Barut, who shone again in the Destan series with the character of Ulu Ece, is one of the names that deserves her role. In the Epic series, which is moving towards completing the first season, we can say that the successful actor has had a good period. However, the rating decline of the Epic series in recent weeks has also reached an alarming dimension.

While the preparations for the second season of the Epic series have already begun, the series is expected to be more effective from September. Of course, this will not be so easy, and there will be an intense labor process during the summer break. Deniz Barut will continue to take part in the story with the character of Ulu Ece next season.

While the famous actress exhibited the elegance of the character of Ulu Ece in the series very well, she started to impress the audience with her strong acting skills. The actress can achieve this with the intensive work of both hair, make-up and costume teams to turn into the character of Ulu Ece.

Deniz Barut said, "In the first sections, our preparations took a long time. Because there was a design in the middle. It was a process that was worked collectively and was very valuable. Now the characters' preparations, hair, makeup and costumes are very clear. We work with minutes. It's going on very quickly right now. Because everyone knows what to do."

The actress, who explains that she wore the costume last during the preparation process, feels very different with her Ulu Ece appearance.

The actress said, "I have adopted and become accustomed to Ulu Ece's spirit and character. Of course I feel very good."

The plight of the saga series is frightening before the second season!

Analysis Special – The 26th episode of the Epic series has been released, and the story's ratings, which have been declining in recent months, have now fallen to a troubled point. However, the series, which started the season very well, had an impressive debut with a good story, a strong production and successful actors.

It was the Three Sisters series broadcast on Kanal D that disrupted the long-standing strong position of the Epic series in the Tuesday competition. Looking at the ratings on Tuesday evening, June 7, the Three Sisters series did not lose much of its strength, winning first place in all categories, while Destan's situation was troubled.

Ratings, which are now even below averages, give a very important message. The saga series lost a significant part of its viewers. We know that many arrangements will be made before the second season and with very new names and strengthened story, the series will return to the screen in better conditions.

Bozdağ Film has carried out good processes in this regard before and is an experienced team. However, the expectation that the Epic series will take a strong place on the screen in the second season after experiencing such a serious loss of viewers will not be so easy.

In addition to the new projects that television channels are preparing for the new season, the Three Sisters will also start the second season with a big claim, so if the Epic series continues to air on Tuesday nights, it may not find what it is looking for.

The 26th episode of the Epic is behind us and the season finale is approaching. However, it must be said that the hopes for the second season are not that high. Criticism of the series' story is prominent on social media. You can understand from many shares that there is a story process that disturbs the fans of the series.

The big challenge for the Epic series is that the process of convincing the viewers to follow them again in the second season will not be easy.

Starring important names such as Ebru Şahin, Edip Tepeli and Selim Bayraktar, the series will fight to survive next season.

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