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Destan Episode 26 With English Review

Destan Episode 26 English Review

Destan Episode 26 With English Review

The farewell time of the Destan series has been announced! That date...

Detay – The Destan series, starring Ebru Şahin and Edip Tepeli, is one of the productions that left its mark on ATV's season. Both the story of the series and the acting are appreciated. Ebru Şahin is highly acclaimed for her role as Akkız in the series, which tells the story of a pre-Islamic period of the Turks.

In Destan, a series that brings color to the screen with period costumes and different languages, both the actors and the crew behind the camera were very tired throughout the season. There was a tough working period throughout the season. Due to the fact that it is a period series, a separate struggle is given on the set.

The series, in which the actors receive special lessons and training for action scenes, also attracts attention with its success. The beloved Tuesday night production is also being talked about on social media about when it will say goodbye as many series enter the season finale.

ATV will continue the series, which is watched a lot and is very pleased with the ratings, in the 2nd season. Although it does not get the ratings at the beginning of the season, the interest in the series is great. The date for the season finale of the Epic series has also been announced!

Now is the time to rest for all the employees and actors of the series, which is prepared with big budgets and brought to the screen after an intense effort every week! ATV decided to make the series a season finale on June 14.

With its 27th episode, the series goes on summer vacation after 2 weeks. Bozdağ Film's series maintained the first place in the ratings for a long time, but lost the throne to Kanal D's Three Sisters series! Nevertheless, as one of the popular and highly rated productions of the screen, it is expected to return in a more magnificent way in the new season...

When will Destan series make its season finale? The return will be spectacular!

Detail – We know that the season break is expected for the renewal of the Destan series, which is broadcast on Tuesday nights on ATV, to begin. The Destan series starring Ebru Şahin, Edip Tepeli and Selim Bayraktar was one of the influential projects of this season.

While starting out with a very big budget, Ebru Şahin accepted the new series despite the tiredness of 3 seasons of difficulty. The actress, who portrayed an imaginary female character living in the eighth century in the character of Akkız, put on a very successful performance on the set with the effect of the training she received.

The Epic series team has focused on the story very intensely since the first working day, which has been about 1 year, and now it's time to rest.

The Epic series, which aired the last 25 episodes, was decided to take a season break with the 27th episode on Tuesday, June 14. A challenging period awaits the production team of the Epic series in the summer months.

Although it debuted well in the first episodes, the ratings that have fallen recently have been a bit annoying. In order for the Epic series to recover and be much more effective in the second season, the Bozdağ Film team will start the work of the new period with the season break and the return of Destan is planned to be magnificent.

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