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uc kiz kardes episode 11 With English Review

uc kiz kardes episode 11 With English Review

Detail – In the series Three Sisters, which was broadcast on Channel D screen, Berker Güven gained the appreciation of a wide fan base with his character Somer. The series, adapted from İclal Aydin's novel of the same name, is progressing very successfully.

This season, channel D's most influential debut after The Judiciary was the Three Sisters. The fact that Tuesday night was the most watched series was also a result of the story and the strong performance of the cast... Ozgur Kaya, who made a very good debut as Türkan in the series, and Berker Güven, who we watched as Somer, were also an influential series pair. Somer and Türkan's story intrigues millions of viewers. This makes the show's ratings look very good.

Three Sisters 11. The episode will air on Channel D on Tuesday, May 10. In the trailer released, Somer makes a plan by taking Serdar and Hakan with him!

Somer makes a plan and calls Serdar and Hakan after Türkan does not answer their phones. They go head-to-head to untie three sisters. Meanwhile, Somer's message will impress viewers.

Somer, who will first of all send the message that it is not so easy to solve women, also received the support of the audience with his efforts to win Türkan's heart.

"I never thought I would see Somer striving for Türkan," the comments on social media read. Fans of the show are also eagerly awaiting the new episode, wondering what ways Somer will go to get Türkan back.

Three Sisters is on Channel D on Tuesdays at 8pm with a new episode!

In The Three Sisters, Rueghan switched sides, the equation broke down!

Detail – Tuesday night's hotly watched Three Sisters series was unable to meet viewers this week due to the holiday. Viewers who are waiting for the series with great excitement are excited about the 11th new episode...

The first 10 episodes of the series, starring Reha Özcan, İlcal Aydin, Ozgur Kaya, Berker Güven, Almila Ada, Veda Yurtsever and Melisa Berberoglu, attracted great attention. You will find very effective scenes on Tuesday, May 10th in The Three Sisters, based on the novel of the same name by İclal Aydin and whose story speaks to the hearts of millions.

With the successful character of Rüçhan, played by Veda Yurtsever, changing sides, there will be significant changes in the story. Ruchhan's on Mine's side!

After leaving the house, Türkan confronted Ruchhan. He also warns Somer, who is leaning against his door. However, Rüçhan is determined to defeat Turkan. She switches sides and declares Mine her new bride.

With this move of Rüçhan, there will now be a great rivalry between Mine and Türkan. Of course, it is also eagerly awaited what Somer will do, which will remain between his mother, his former love and his wife.

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