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Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 22 With English Review

Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 22 With English Review

Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 22 With English Review

When Zuhal became ill during the meeting, Cemal, who should not have heard the most about her pregnancy, found out. Let Jamal learn that although he promised Zuhal that he would keep his mouth tight, one day he would not be able to control his language and confess the truth to Mahir. Indeed, in one of the never-ending moments of bickering with Mahir, he has already begun to utter about the need for himself to take responsibility for the right people. As if she had not shirked the responsibility of her own children... 

As for Zuhal, although I do not have very positive feelings, I agree that Maher does not want him to return to him for the baby, because a compassionate and conscientious man like Mahir can be expected to marry him even though he does not like it, let alone go back to the mother of his child. If it was the old Zuhal, she wouldn't have wasted a minute on using this pregnancy to tie Maher to herself, but since she found out she was going to be a mother, we see an emotional Zuhal that has retreated to its corner.

In the triangle of Raci – Meral – Zahide, the waters are not calming down. Determined to divorce his wife and give up Demirhan's wealth, Raci takes every opportunity he seizes with Meral, who cannot restrain his feelings like himself and is caught in the wind of this love, while Zahide resorts to all kinds of katakulli people in order not to lose her husband just like her sister-in-law. 

It was clear that Raci's acceptance of her divorce request without any objection would be defeated. While Raji believes that his wife of many years approves of the divorce decision as if he does not know her, Zahide not only invites journalists to the exit of the dinner they have dinner together, announcing that he and his wife have solved their problems and will not divorce, but also manages to upset her by exposing Meral as a "woman who is entertained".

However, there is something that he ignores that the person who is in love knows no obstacles. Zahide must have realized that she is more attached to Meral with these attempts, so when Necmi, who is at her door, accepts her offer to save her from Meral forever, we are transported to Meral's house within minutes and we witness that Zahide, who has learned that Asiye has committed murder, threatens to report Asiye to the police if she does not return to Amasya. 

What should Meral do if she buries her love in her heart to protect her best friend and does not return to her hometown? A note to Raci, leaving no trace behind, the helpless Meral walks away with only her clothes. How many of us think that this untimely departure is not the end and that Raci will find Meral by searching Amasya inch by inch if necessary?

The fact that Mr. Harun was taken to surgery immediately after it was determined that his disease had progressed in the hospital where he was removed as a result of his sudden deterioration was enough to worry his family members very much. Fortunately, the surgery was successful and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. I don't want Mr. Harun to die. 

If family members are together, if they can meet at the same table for breakfast and dinner, it is thanks to him. It was again a forced coincidence that Cemal took the same elevator at the same time to go to the canteen and Asiye to visit Harun Bey in the hospital, and that the elevator stopped at the moment when only two of them were inside. From Asiye's panic and tremor, we learn that she has a phobia of staying indoors within seconds, as can be expected.

Böyle bir korkusu varken yukarıya neden merdivenle çıkmadığını anlayabilen birileri varsa beni de aydınlatsın lütfen. Bunu bilen Cemal Asiye’yi sakinleştirmeye çalışırken aralarındaki yakın temas da kaçınılmaz oluyor. Başka şartlar altında, başka bir ortamda olsa bu etkileşimi, Asiye’nin Cemal’e sarılmasını eleştirebilirdim ancak korku ve panik hali insana her şeyi yaptırabilir. 

Kaldı ki bu korku, Asiye’nin nefes alışlarını bile sekteye uğratacak kadar ciddi. Bu yakınlaşmayı ne kadar olağan bulduysam çok kısa bir süre öncesine kadar Asiye’ye tüm öfkesini kusan, onu suçlayan ve aşağılayan Cemal’in “Ben yanında olduğum sürece sana hiçbir şey olmaz” mealindeki sözlerinden de hoşlanmadığımı belirtmek isterim. Evlenirken de buna benzer büyük laflar etmiştin değil mi Cemal?

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