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Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 21 With English Review

Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 21 With English Review

Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 21 With English Review

Just as I found Asiye wrong for Mahir, who knew that he had gone to Cemal's house, to hide it and to tell him that he was only going to the haberdashery and that Nergis, who entered the room at that time, put her in a difficult position against Maher when she revealed that her mother was there, and praised her father's house as if she were throwing air, I found Maher as wrong because of the joke he made to Asiye about Cemal. First of all, as she herself stated, I think that Asiye overstepped her bounds by asking her questions about whether she would move into the house and whether she would forgive Cemal because she did not have a husband or a lover. In Asiye's eyes, Mahir is a companion. Friends may have differences of opinion, express their opinions on the issues they are in conflict with, give advice that it would be better if you did this, but in the end they respect each other's decisions. 

But Mahir has been trying for years to openly intervene in the life of a huge woman with two children who has stood on her own feet, made her own decisions. Considering that he has known Jamal for only a few months, I would like to ask him how he can be so sure that he is acting in a planned manner or that he will never change, that he will upset Asiye again. Yes, maybe Cemal will not change, maybe he will run away when it is difficult again, we do not know this, but Asiya, who has survived so many difficulties, will of course take responsibility for the decision he will make about Cemal. As obsessed as Jamal is with Mahir, Mahir is as obsessed with Jamal and jealous of him. 

Because it is not as if it will not be noticed how Asiye's eyes shine when talking about Cemal. Another fact that Maher refrains from acknowledging is that Asiye and the children will not be able to live in that mansion forever. But Mahir becomes a prisoner of an instinct of possessiveness and protection that he cannot adjust the dosage of because he wants to think the opposite and get used to it. How true he was when he told Nergis at the time that I can experience both love and hatred at the extreme.

Cemal was so absorbed in the new order that Nergis would establish with his gas that he could not even notice the sadness and demoralization of his wife of many years. It is debated whether he would have noticed, even if he was not seeking to build a pleasant, new life. Those who follow my writings closely have read in the last few chapters that I have not been too critical of Jamal, and that I find him mostly sincere. However, as of this chapter, I would like to state that he has increased my nerve fold again due to his attitude and cocky style. I see that she is trying to change, that she wants to protect her children, but in this process, the plus points written on her by neglecting Ahmet, throwing words at Mahir, and Uğur's haste to adopt him are erased.

Of course, one of the biggest reasons why he acts so comfortably and hastily is Narcissus. He literally goes to bed with "my dear father" and gets up with "my dear father". It is not my duty to question the father-daughter relationship, but I find it wrong and exaggerated that Narcissus has become fond of her father so quickly. Let's put up with the fact that he immediately forgave his father because they had a past, but it is inappropriate for them to fall so much on Uğur. As a father, Jamal must have known that children should not be dealt with. Ugur thinks that his father left him because he found him ugly and did not like him, which is a reason to delay his softening up. If they leave the child a little alone, when he gets cold, when he thinks about it, maybe he will go to his own father with his own feet.

Aside from the attempts of the Cemal – Nergis duo to go after Uğur, what is it commanded to try to persuade him to go to Cemal's house together? What do you know that Uğur, whose idleness is legendary, will not miss the existence of this house? I can't understand such thoughtlessness and risk. Uğur agreed to join them just because his sister was leaving, but when they went home, they were disappointed because it took them a few minutes to learn that the landlord had terminated the lease agreement and rented the house to someone else. Jamal should try to object as much as he wants, but in vain... 

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