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Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 20 Summary and Frames

Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 20 Summary and Frames

After Mahir, who learned that Cemal was going to the game with Ugur, took Ugur to the amusement park on the same day and time, I would like to ask him, "Whose son are you kidnapping from whom?" regardless of the fact that the stadium is crawling with police, because I am sure that Mahir will take the same action if the father and son go to a risk-free place. By the way, I think you're being asked for credentials when buying a game ticket. Just to be sure, I did some research online, but I didn't get any definitive information. I'd appreciate it if anyone could enlighten me. If identity information is requested, let's close our eyes to this coercive scenario and turn it into a rivalry at the amusement park because Ugur's information cannot be entered. 

Cemal, who is mad that Mahir has kidnapped Ugur from him, ends up at the amusement park with Narcissus and Ahmet. Cemal might sense that Ugur should not be in such a hurry to adopt himself if he can think rationally, but his current concern is not who his son wants to be happier with, but who we are better fathers with Mahir. Cemal, who enjoys the sadness and lameness of Mahir, who shoots in the caravan in the darts game, will not get the big bear that Ugur so badly wants, and who tries to get away with it, is not a father by taking him to the game like that, buying a teddy bear.

I've said before that I don't think it's right for Daffodils to forgive Jamal as quickly as he does. In addition to being abandoned in the most important age when a girl might need her father most, she should not have set sail so quickly against her father, who was responsible for the suffering and suffering of his mother as the closest witness to his troubles. Their attitude toWards Jamal over the last few episodes gives me the feeling that his father is now a priority over his mother, and that he even sells his mother for his father. We have a Narcissus who will hug Cemal in the public places of the mansion, plan how to place his belongings in cemal's room in the house he rents, who has lost enough logic to ask him to forgive his father immediately without thinking about the psychology of his brother, who acts only with his feelings.

Although Asiye seems to play a more passive role in all this contention, not only does it lead us to question consistency with their reactions and inactions, but it makes us feel that they will be reunited with Cemal in the final. Why is he silent about his plans to settle in Cemal's house when he has repeatedly advised Narcissus not to dream about the future in which he included Jamal? I thought Narcissus had to accept that they were going to have another life. Let's get used to Narcissus succumbing to his feelings, but with his behaviors and decisions to date, as if Helin would accept the divorce and get custody of Cemal Ahmet,

Why does ugur refrain from breaking away from Mahir and warning Cemal not to act so hastily and not to convince Narcissus of a dream that is difficult to realize? Maybe he's in this dream now, too? I didn't like the way cemal looked at the movie night he organized to spend time with his children before the movie started, when he took the soda he wanted with cemal's popcorn from Cemal. In the flashback we reached simultaneously, asiye and Cemal watched illegally in the summer cinema, the trustee of the film Cypress Boy Al Yazlimm, with this reference, Asiye's labor, 

I can't help but get the idea that he's going to choose Mahir, but next thing I know, Asiye, who went there to drop off the painting of Narcissus at Cemal's house, says, "Have you forgotten me?" when she tells Cemal that she now exists only for her children while helping Cemal with the lemon tree, which we learned was one of his dreams. It is a fact that we have heard from his own mouth that Asiye will not forgive Jamal. Then it shouldn't be a matter of concern whether his ex-wife forgets him or not. Although Asiye will not prefer Mahir, I still stand by the idea that she will move on alone as she has been for years.

Those who follow my writing closely will remember that after a night with Mahir, I wished zuhal would not get pregnant. Our screenwriters didn't surprise us, and they resorted to the stereotype of a woman getting pregnant after a one-night stand to connect Mahir and Zuhal. Unhappy. I would love for Mahir to start a family and father his own children, but not as the lead in this cheap cliché, but to build a happy and peaceful home by combining his life with a woman he deserves and falls in love with. On the other hand, given that we can expect all kinds of upside-downs from the screenwriter's crew, it is also possible that the father of Zuhal's baby could be another man. Since Zuhal never reassured me, I think he might have had sex with another man.

Shouldn't security be instructed to strictly ban Necmi from entering the company following his dismissal? However, he can easily enter the company or walk into Cemal's room. What the hell is that? Cemal left the rental agreement, which is a personal document, and the key to his unfinished house on his desk in his room, where everyone is likely to enter. I guess I didn't want too much to ask for some logic in the script.

Will Necmi, who thinks that his blackmail of Jamal will not be repaid financially, miss this opportunity to get revenge? He takes the address, grabs the key, ends up at Cemal's house. At that moment, Cemal and Asiye left the house together, and then when Narcissus saw the picture in his room, Cemal's house suddenly became a "secret love nest". And we're watching the trailer for the new movie, which will begin from the moment Necmi sends Helin the location of the house. Helin, who was sure of her husband enough to say "Cemal won't hide anything from me" and still succumbed to his curiosity and came in with unease, grew a little more disappointed with every step he took, with every name he saw on the doors, tears flowing. My Daffodil's room, My Ugur's room, My Ahmet's room... 

As if the devil poked him, we witness what we might call the Fall of a Woman, with Helin seeing that painting with deep meanings, throwing himself into Narcissus's room, where it should not be. She is frustrated, angry, in pain, confident that she and her husband asiye are having an affair.

The episode finale was just publicity. The main film starts next week. In the trailer, we see a Helin that will react quite naturally to every woman who feels cheated on, such as burning, breaking and tearing down. It's also clear that Helin's actions will not be limited to that. Nothing will ever be the same again.

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