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Annenin Sirridir Cocuk Episode 5 English Review

Annenin Sirridir Cocuk Episode 5 English Review

Annenin Sirridir Cocuk Episode 5 With English Review

He's a man, Sadun! Engin Ozturk is the secret of the mother with the series Children is on the agenda of social media!

Detail – The Secret of the Mother, which airs on tv8 on Wednesday evenings, the new episodes of The Child series are set in great excitement... Episode six, which airs on Wednesday, May 11, will be a huge storm of excitement.

Tv8's highly-hoped-for-life series The Mother's Secret, which was disappointing when the first two episodes received low ratings, gave hope in the following weeks. Irem Helvacioglu, Engin Ozturk and Olgun Toker also star in the series, in which Selin Yeninci stands out with her magnificent acting performance. Selin Yeninci returned to the screen with the lead character after his role in Çukurova and impressed everyone deeply with his character Meltem.

The other character in the series who impresses as the episodes progress is Sadun... There is a great deal of interest in the character played by Engin Ozturk, especially from female audiences.

A number of fans wrote: 'May God give everyone a wife like Sadun, from the road. He's so compassionate and brave, God bless such people."

However, many fans of the series think that such characters can only be in the series, and that it is no longer possible to find someone like Sadun in real life.

Viewers who thought that Defne's longing for his son, played by Irem Helvacıoglu, should end in episode 6, were somewhat relieved with the images in the trailer. Of course, if all this is a play by Mary, the audience seems to be deeply disturbed by this situation.

A number of fans commented: "If Laurel doesn't get the baby in this episode, if Mary fools them all again, let this show be over. It's also ridiculous that one sane person doesn't have a camera installed in that house."

The fact that a family with so much wealth in the show does not have cameras installed in their homes after the events and that Mary can move on as if nothing had happened is not very compatible with real life. Fans of the show, which has also made this criticism, are already eagerly awaiting the sixth episode on May 11.

Mother's Secret Children series surprised with episode 5 ratings results! The ranking is good, but it's different!

Detail – The Secret of the Mother, which is broadcast on tv8 screens, attracted attention with its low ratings during the festive week. In fact, it was not expected that the show, which was not very noticeable with its first episode, would increase its ratings, especially after selin yeninci's role and acting were talked about a lot on social media.

Starring Irem Helvacıoglu, Olgun Toker, Selin Yeninci and Engin Ozturk, the series was screened on Wednesday, May 4th with episode 5. It was surprising and beautiful for everyone that the show had raised its ratings for the last two episodes.

Selin Yeninci, who gave life to the character of Mary in the series, which is the subject of curiosity with her story, became the prominent name of the series. Yeninci brings to life the traumatic situations of Mary, who gives the impression of her own child by abducting the child of Defne (Irem Helvacıoglu) with whom she works.

It is estimated that the ratings have fallen due to the fact that the show falls on the last day of the holiday. The reality of this will be shown by next week's ratings. But The Mother's Secret Children lost ratings this week.

Moreover, it was noted that the show's ratings were reduced despite the lack of new episodes of its rivals on screen, Unfaithful, Blackboard and Establishment Osman.

The Mother's Secret, which receives below-average rates, seems to have fared better in the rankings than last week. However, this does not change the fact that ratings have fallen!

The series ranked 3rd in total and EU groups and 4th on ABC1 this week with episode 5. The series, which had a surprise debut last week, was ranked 4th in Total, 6th in the EU and 3rd on ABC1. The rankings are higher than the previous week, due to the fact that their other competitors are not on screen. But if their ratings come this way next week, they could fall much lower in the rankings!

However, as a promising series, next week's viewers will return to the screen, and Mother's Secret Is The Child is expected to get good ratings by 2015.

The same goes for Fox TV's new series, Smile Fate. The series Smile Fate, which was screened this week along with The Mother's Secret Child, also came in fourth place in total and EU groups, while the series came in sixth on ABC1. The situation will become clearer in the coming weeks for the second episode of The Fate of Smile...

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