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Mahkum Episode 22 English Review

Mahkum Episode 22 With English Review

Mahkum Episode 22 With English Review

While the next episode date for the prisoner was announced as May 12, it was surprisingly decided not to interrupt 8 hours before the start of the episode. There have certainly been viewers who did not go in front of the screen because there was no new episode!  For those who are curious about the last episode ratings, it was ranked 1st in Total with a rating of 6.78, 5.72 in the EU and 2nd in ABC1 with a rating of 6.27.  The section article is written by guest writer Büke. Enjoyable reading.

We called it a turning point in the prisoner last week. Signals were given that a new era would begin for both the Euphrates and Peace. While Fırat, together with the evidence he received from Barış and his daughter, surrendered to the police, the episode ended when Barış was one last step away from realizing his plan to end his life with Büge.

This week he came to the screen with his 20th episode, Prisoner. We opened the credits pre-credits with the Barış and Büge stage. Just as the two were having their last drink, Sasha, who I saw as the second of three possibilities to stop them, came to the door of the house. He insisted that they drink that drink no matter what the peace was, until Sasha said, "We were going to drink that poison together."

At that moment, Büge understood Barış's intentions and spoke calmly to stop him. He asked John to think about it. She told her she couldn't live without him. He calmed him down by adding that they would not die, but would live together. When Sasha came in and asked Barış for an account, Büge told Barış that they had lost her mother and the credits were entered. I wish Büge hadn't said pat that Tomris was dead. We need to go home if your mother was a little bit distracted because she was sick, her condition was serious or something. There is no easy way to give the news of death, but there is a difference from saying to saying. When I was trying to tell my mom the news of my cousin's death, I said, "Did you take your medicine today?" At that moment, they understood that there was something wrong.

Had they not received the news of Tomris' death, would Büge have asked Barış to account for this suicide attempt? Would he say how could you think of leaving your son without a mother and father? He wouldn't say I'm afraid. For some reason, Büge took this as a very normal undertaking. He may have even thought about how great Barış's love was, respected him, or fell in love with her more. Since I stopped understanding Büge as of last week, I no longer question his behavior.

After the credits, we returned to safety. After saying goodbye to Fırat Nazlı for the last time, he was taken into custody. We reminisced about the old days as Euphrates spoke to the pilgrim on the first day of custody, the Barış Yesari case, his meeting with him, the death of Savaş, the burning of Barış's hand, Zeynep's death, and his experiences after suffering from amnesia in the ward. The months-long nightmare for the Euphrates was almost over.

After he was taken to prison for a medical check-up, only the results of the analysis remained.

For God's sake, did anyone love the new attorney general? Erol at least had some weight. He had the aura of a prosecutor. I am amazed at who made this Asaf Ömer Bey the chief prosecutor. The man's attitude was very repulsive. I understand his skeptical attitude towards the Euphrates. The man eventually admitted to committing murder and then surrendered because he was innocent. He misled justice with false evidence. Once again, he can do the same thing in the eyes of the attorney general. But from the way he talked, to drinking tea, to eating chopsticks during interrogations, his movements seemed very simple to me. I couldn't fit that office.

Firat was confident that he would be exonerated as a result of the knife analysis. With the comfort of that, he talked to the attorney general, maybe a little daringly, and there was actually a kind of reaction to the effect. In response to the Attorney General's attitude, the second individual is still addressed to the person, albeit respectfully in places. Although he tried to explain himself, the other person had no intention of understanding. Fırat also expressed that he gave him the right.

Unlike Euphrates, I was on the alert as a spectator until the last moment in case something went wrong. This time I had no doubt about Peace because he was sure he had come to the end of the road. I doubted that the signor could do something, and it seems that he changed the result of the knife analysis. Just as it would not be in the interest of Barış to be exposed, it is not in Sinior for Fırat's re-election as a prosecutor. The only way for Zahit to own everything is for Peace to continue to live as a War. In fact, Barış's surprise after learning that the blood on the knife belonged to Euphrates showed that he had nothing to do with this work, so that he would not go after the knife when he had just received the news of his mother's death.

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