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Destan Episode 25 With English Review

Destan Episode 25 English Review

Destan Episode 25 With English Review

She continues her journey on the screen at the top of the ratings and social networking sites, the twenty-fifth episode of "The Epic", which will be broadcast on ATV on Tuesday evening at 20.00.  Akiz and Batuga's first step for their love and Albaghu Khan who was poisoned by sea fish.  

Their infiltration of the occupied Sky Palace to save Timur and Kaya leaves his mark.  Under Ergogay's command, Batuga and Akiz proceeded to hand the crown over to Cam Isrigon for safekeeping.  When they reached the Isregon Cam tent, Akiz and Batuga unexpectedly tied a belt and announced.  their union.  How will this new situation of our lovers resonate in the Kingdom of Heaven?  Will lovers be able to meet this time?  

Destan Episode 25 With English Subtitles
Destan Episode 25 With English Subtitles

The Etabarks infiltrated the Heavenly Palace, killed the Jukepins, and burned the herbs they had prepared to kill Albago.  They left the rooms of the khan, Timur and Kaya Tiggins under the smoke.  What will be the fate of Albaghu Khan, Timur and Kaya, who are your parents to smoke?  Will the descendants of the Khans of Jok survive this assassination attempt unharmed, or will they pay the price?  

In pursuit of Barak Khan's crown in the palace, Itbarax overthrew Bagu Khan, Timur, and Kaya Tiggins in their new game.  Faced with the debacle of the new Attaparks game, Poison Al Shabbir, Baghu Khan faces two dilemmas.  Either the Khan would give the crown to Ubar for the life of his descendants, or he would give up his life and the lives of his sons for the sake of the Turkish nation.  

Faced with this predicament, will Akiz and Batuga's plan to get rid of this scourge succeed?  As if it wasn't enough that Ubar lost the crown with the ambush set for him, Batuga, who had trapped him and left him to die, returned like a double-headed wolf, causing terror to all the Atbarax.  However, what would Ubar's new plans be for the crown, who lost the war after Batoga wounded Ubar with a dagger?  

Batuga the two-headed wolf, the birth of the new Akiz, Bagu Khan and Timur Anqdo Kaya from the Atbarks.  Heralding the rule of the Kingdom of Heaven by Baghu Khan, what will Batoga do to meet expectations?  Declared that he is the king who will unite the Turks, will Batuga be able to restore Heaven's Palace to its former strength and take Western Heaven from the Atbarks?  

Ulu Eiji, who had threatened Gunseli with her life, saw an unexpected response from Gunseli and found herself in prison.  What will be the new moves for Ulu Eiji, who escaped from the dungeon with the offer of the Bagu Khan collaboration?  Are old friendships formed or new enmities in the palace?  The Attabraxes, who had entered Heaven's Palace, clashed with Celtic and Chulpan.  

They shot and killed Saltock by stabbing him in the back.  How will Chulpan Khan who lost her love, Saltok, get revenge on the Atbarax?  Mei Jin, who discovered that she had feelings of love for her husband Timur since hearing the news of his death, rescued Akiz and cooperated with her.  Mi Jin, who played a major role in the ambush of Ubar to win Timur's love, learns that he is alive.  Will she be able to win Timur's love?  Will their marriage remain a political one, or will they be able to create a family out of this marriage?


Batuga and Akkız, who have feelings for each other since childhood, have come so close to being happy together for the first time after all the troubles they have experienced. What danger awaits the Double-Headed Wolf and his Claw, who are drunk of happiness when Batuga confesses his love?


Obar did not keep his promise to Kaya, holding Alpagu as a trump card that did not kill him. Upon learning this, Kaya went to Obar's hotel to settle accounts with Obar. How will this showdown, witnessed by Alpagu in the hotel next door, turn out? Who will be the winner of this in-game game?


When Ulu Ece Vera learned from Yibek that Günseli was not pregnant, she gave her a dagger to kill herself. Will he prefer the dagger of Günseli, who is helpless with the dagger in his hand, or the wrath of Kaya after learning the truth? At the end of this process, how will Kaya and Günseli's relations be affected by this situation?


What will Alpagu, who heard that Obar and Kaya made a deal while in captivity, do in the face of his son's betrayal? Against which situation will Alpagu Khan make his first move? To bondage or treason?

The construction and project design belongs to Mehmet Bozdağ; 'Destan', starring Ebru Şahin, Edip Tepeli and Selim Bayraktar and directed by Metin Günay, will continue to leave its mark on Tuesdays on ATV.

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