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Destan Episode 24 With English Review

Destan Episode 24 With English Review

Destan Episode 23 With English Review

The confession that shocked Ulu Ece!
Cornered, Ulu Ece plays his last trump card and draws Gökben's sword next to him and hands it to Alpagu, saying, "If you believe even one of these slanders, here is my neck! Don't stop, shoot my neck!" While Alpagu was going to believe in Ulu Ece, Yibek remembered his daughter's pain and said, "Ulu Ece lies, Han! All that is said is true. In fact, Alaca Hatun is both a friend and a friend of Ulu Ece!" shocks Ulu Ece.

While Ulu Ece tries to exonerate himself by saying "how can you believe that I did these things with the word of a küne?" after getting over the shock of Yibek's confession, Temur says that it was Ulu Ece and Kaya who entered the throne room with Kaya and raided the Mountain Oba and killed Tutkun. I heard Alpagu say, "Right, I tell you?! Speak!" and Kaya confesses everything by saying that she is a confidant to all these dirty tricks so that it is not revealed that Ulu Ece killed Talisım Bike.
Destan 23 English Subtitles
Destan Episode 23 With English Subtitles

Alpagu, who was devastated by what he heard, was about to slap the sword in his hand on Ulu Ece's neck when Danış Ata said that anger hides the truth and that the judiciary should solve the situation, Alpagu leaves the decision to the judiciary.

The Alliances, which Oğuz Kagan had outgrown in ancient times, have resurfaced centuries later to take their revenge on the Turks During the trial of Ulu Ece, Kaya, Balamir and Cholpan, it shocks everyone when they enter the throne hall where the judgment was held with Sırma wrapped in Yaman's arms and that they are attacked by human nobles and it-mannered people with dog heads on their heads, and that these monsters came to the Gök Horde to put the Turks to the sword. Danış Ata says that these new enemies are the Alliances. In the face of what has happened, Alpagu postpones the war and trial against China.

Alpagu, who entrusted the city and palace of the Gök Horde to Akkız, left the Kaya in his place while going on the Alliances; He sits on the Sky Throne. Knowing that the arrows will turn to him if the Entrants are defeated, Kaya collaborates with Obar, the leader of the Alliances, to save himself. He tells Obar where the Alpagu and Gokbens are. He imprisons Akkız, Çolpan, Sırma, Yaman and Kırçiçek.

Liberated from captivity by Akkız's plan, Cholpan, Sırma, Yaman and Kırçiçek are attacked by Kaya's Alps while going to help Alpagu Han and Gökbens, and Kırçiçek dies in the ensuing conflict. Ambushed by Kaya's betrayal, Alpagu Khan, Temur, Batuga and Saltuk are captured while Balamir is killed. Akkız goes after the Pushers to save them alone.

The construction and project design belongs to Mehmet Bozdağ; 'Destan', starring Ebru Şahin, Edip Tepeli and Selim Bayraktar and directed by Metin Günay, will continue to leave its mark on Tuesdays on ATV.

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