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Annenin Sirridir Cocuk Episode 4 Summary and Frames

Annenin Sirridir Cocuk Episode 4 Summary and Frames

Annenin Sirridir Cocuk Episode 4 With English Subtitles

Irem Helvacıoglu is not falling off the agenda with two new series!

Detay-Actress Irem Helvacıoglu, Engin Öztürk, Selin Yeninci and Olgun Toker star in her new series Mother's Secret Child.

The tv8 series made an ambitious debut on screens but failed to reach the expected ratings. The third episode of Mother's Secret, which received low ratings for its first episode, was seen to have slightly boosted its ratings with its third episode, which aired on Wednesday, April 20.

On the other hand, photos from the set of Irem Helvacıoglu's Series Escape for Disney Plus, starring Engin Akyurek, were recently shared on social media.

The escape series is one of the first series of Disney Plus, which will begin airing in Turkey in June.

Irem Helvacioglu and Engin Akyurek fans are eagerly awaiting the series, which was filmed in Gaziantep. The two players are also among the first to sign with Disney Plus...

Irem Helvacıoglu, who became the subject of social media by sharing photos from the escape series, received support from his lover Yolaç Özcan. 'You've put a lot of work into it, darling.' Now it's time to enjoy it!' she captioned the post.

In Escape, produced by 03 Media and Same Film, Engin Akyurek plays 'Mehmet' and Irem Helvacioglu plays two war correspondents named 'Zeynep'.

The series, directed by Yağz Alp Akaydin, was written by Ali Dogançay. An atmosphere of war was created on the plateau established in Gaziantep for the filming of the series.

Escape, whose story is also very impressive, is about the Yazidi villages and people who have been attacked by the radical terrorist group.

It's Your Mother's Secret The child has officially increased the ratings thanks to Selin Yenci!

Detail – TV8's new and ambitious series Is The Mother's Secret Child comes to the screen with a story that surprises viewers. Episode 3 of the show aired this week. The series, starring Irem Helvacıoglu, Engin Ozturk, Selin Yeninci and Olgun Toker, screens on Wednesday evenings.

It's an ambitious production with a series storyline and cast. However, it did not get the expected attention in the first episode and was also disappointed with disappointing ratings for the network. Hopes were high for the second part. Because the series started to be talked about on social media especially with the acting of Selin Yeninci.

Selin Yeninci, who was once famous for her role as The Second in Çukurova, makes her acting talk in The Mother's Secret In Child... This time it brings to life a character far from The Second. Her gestures tell so much with her body language that the viewer is most impressed by her scenes in The Mother's Secret Child.

With the second episode, the series started to come to the fore with the acting of Selin Yeninci, which started to be talked about even more. The series, which appeared to have raised some ratings, managed to rank 5th in the Total category with its 3rd episode, which appeared this week. A week ago, when I was ranked 15th, there was a rapid jump.

Mother's Secret It's a surprise and gratifying thing for everyone that The Child experienced such a leap two weeks later. Because the series, which was filmed with great efforts, finally began to get the attention it deserved. No one can denies that Selin Yeninci's acting has a huge part to play in the much talked about social media and the appearance of impressive scenes...

Mother's Secret The children's series ranked 9th in the EU and 5th on ABC1 with episode 3 this week. The second episode of The Mother's Secret, The Child, was ranked fifteenth in all people, thirteenth in the EU and ninth on ABC1. The series, which has been rising and has been bouncing around in the last week, has managed to attract the attention of the audience.

Of course, we should not overlook the roles of other actors in the series... Irem Helvacıoglu is acclaimed for his role as Laurel, while Engin Ozturk is a successful actor in Mother's Secret Child in a completely different role after The House You Were Born In Is Your Destiny.

Selin Yenci brings the show's most striking character to life. She plays a character named Mary, who becomes pregnant as a result of a rape as a child and, after giving birth, is understood to never have children again due to intervention at home. The actor, who expertly rises from under this difficult role, steals his baby by making himself look pregnant at the same time as he does, working alongside Defne, played by Irem Helvacıoglu.

He has been getting rave comments on social media. The actor, who is said to have lived his role, is acclaimed for his natural state, understated and realistic acting...

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