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Annenin Sirridir Cocuk Episode 2 Summary and Frames

Annenin Sirridir Cocuk Episode 2 Summary and Frames

Annenin Sirridir Cocuk Episode 2 English Subtitles

Detail – The unfaithful series, which has been on the Channel D screen for two seasons, was not only effective in Turkey, but also aired in many countries and achieved very successful results. The lead performances of Caner Cindoruk and Cansu Dere attracted great attention, especially in Spain and Latin American countries.

This successful story of the unfaithful series will soon be over. There are only 3 episodes left of the series, which will be finalized with its 60th episode... However, the series will not be available on Screen on Wednesday, April 27 and Wednesday, May 4. The last three episodes of the series were scheduled to air on May 11, 18 and 25. That will help TV8's The Secret of the Mother, the children' series, which had a good ratings debut last week.

Irem Helvacıoglu, Engin Öztürk, Selin Yeninci and Olgun Toker starred in the drama story The Secret of the Mother Child had the opportunity to attract the loyal audience of this series because it would not be on screen for two unfaithful weeks.

Although its first start on tv8 was with low ratings, especially the fact that the story is impressive and Selin Yeninci's very good performance attracts viewers to this series...

The biggest obstacle to Mother's Secret Child was that The Unfaithful held a possible audience. With The Unfaithful now taking a two-week break and the last three episodes remaining, the possibility of further rise for the TV8 series has emerged.

It could also be an opportunity for a show called Blackboard, which didn't get off to a good start on TRT1. The Blackboard, which Miray Daner and Furkan Andic fans wished would reach more viewers, could have been able to increase its ratings a little more after the finale planning of Unfaithful. However, the injury to Furkan Andic on set and the break of the verse for up to 10 days will eliminate this opportunity.

It has been confirmed that My Son will be finalized at the end of this season and there is no strong production other than The Establishment Osman... This is the mother's secret if they continue next season for The Child and the Blackboard, which could be reflected as a great opportunity. The next 2 months are of great importance to make good use of this opportunity.

It's Your Mother's Secret A very smart decision has been made for the children's series!

Detail – The Secret of the Mother, which airs on Tv8 on Wednesday evenings, although the children's series started with low ratings, attracted attention with its story and increased hopes by debuting with its last 2 episodes. In particular, the character of Mary, played by Selin Yeninci, became the immersive character of the series...

Selin Yeninci, who once produced a very effective performance in her new series after her character Second in Çukurova, is getting a lot of support from her fans. Thousands of support for the actor and the show are being shared on social media. Although it is a holiday to keep the show going well, the decision to air the fifth new episode of the series on Wednesday, May 4th is seen as a very wise decision.

Especially in the absence of Osman, Unfaithful and Chalkboard series, The Mother's Secret Child can receive the support of a wide audience. Therefore, it will be an important opportunity for the show to be on screen this week when the competitors are on break.

Irem Helvacıoglu, Engin Ozturk and Olgun Toker also star in The Mother's Secret Children's series is a production that deserves more attention with its script as the story flows, that is, as the weeks progress...

The situation in which Irem Helvacıoglu wept and the character of Laurel fell also makes the story very interesting. The successful actor is very good at passing on the character's feelings to the audience.

The second episode of The Smile Fate, which began last week on Fox TV, and the fifth episode of The Mother's Secret Is The Child will go to great war to get the support of viewers on Wednesday, May 4... Let's see how the two shows perform in an environment without competitors. We'll keep watching and keeping an eye on developments.

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