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Annenin Sirridir Cocuk Episode 1 Summary and Frames

Annenin Sirridir Cocuk Episode 1 Summary and Frames

Annenin Sirridir Cocuk Episode 1 English Subtitles

Mother's Secret Who plays which character in The Child, let's get to know the characters!

Produced by NTC Medya and starring Irem Helvacıoglu, Selin Yeninci, Engin Ozturk and Olgun Toker, The Mother's Secret Is a powerful drama production. There are good actors in the show and the story is very compelling. "Mother's Secret Child" will reveal that motherhood is one of the most important values given to women. So what details are there about the characters? Here are the 4 main characters of the series:

Defne – Irem Helvacıoglu: He can successfully manage the scales of reason and conscience. He had a loving childhood. He was supported to follow his dreams. Even though he's an only child, he's sharing, he's far from selfish. 

Even though he knows his family's displeasure with his marriage, he doesn't make a big deal out of it. Her husband's childish spirit, imaginative nature and weakness for women are shaken when reflected in their marriage. But his real psychological breakdown occurs when he faces the pain he suffered in his first marriage again.

Mary: Selin Yenci: She lost her father when she was three years old, she remembers imaginatively. She and her sister Turkan are 10 years apart. Her mother often took the pain out of being a widow at an early age. He grew up in a small town with a repressive attitude. She's never had a friend, she's made her toy doll her best friend. 

Through a friend from the town of Mary, the first wife of a family living in Istanbul is married to her older son, who has passed away. But she can't get pregnant. Unable to withstand the request and pressure of her mother-in-law's grandchildren, Mary makes an extraordinary plan in her own way. This plan will become the drama of another family with the sharp intelligence and strategic moves of Mary, who looks quiet and ordinary from the outside.

Sadun Kenan – Engin Ozturk: The last generation of a rich and well-established family from Istanbul. After losing all members of his family in a boating accident, he tried to repair himself mentally, but was unable to complete his lack of a root inside. When he meets Laurel, for the first time in his life, he realizes that he doesn't feel this lack. 

He thinks it's going to be completed with Laurel. As a matter of fact, they marry young in a consulate abroad without thinking about a great love. They have a short but eventful marriage. Laurel will leave him. The fact that the woman he fell in love with came out of his life makes Sadun feel incomplete all the time. It is shaped around the purpose of completion with Laurel, which he sees as a missing part of life.

Cinar – Olgun Toker: He is laurel's wife. His father owns a textile workshop in Merter. He's had a good and privileged education. Her family's opportunities and her mother's protective attitude made her grow a little spoiled. Despite his father's pressure, he pursued his own dreams, not the family business. He's in debt because of the gaming software company he founded.

The new cast of The Mother's Secret Is The Child, which will impress Wednesday's ratings!

Detail – TV8 is preparing to bring its new series, The Mother's Secret, To the screen very soon. A new name has joined the cast of the series, which will star Irem Helvacioglu and Engin Ozturk.

Produced by NTC Media produced by Fatih Aksoy and Mehmet Yigit Alp, it is preparing to meet the audience on TV8 on Wednesday, April 6th. A new name has been added to the cast of the series, which is in the final running of preparations.

According to journalist Birsen Altuntaş, the young actress will appear in Gün Akinci Mother's Secret Children. The 33-year-old previously played Cem on The Forbidden Apple. Gün Akinci, who is actually a basketball player, entered the world of the series with The Swallow Storm, starring Fikret Kuskan, Ebru Aykaç and Emel Çöl passen. Mother's Secret Child will be the third series of Day Raider.

Irem Helvacıoglu, Engin Öztürk, Selin Yeninci and Olgun Toker star in The Mother's Secret Child, which will come to screens with its impressive story and ambitious script. Makbule Kosif and Gülsev Karagöz wrote the screenplay for the series, while Müge Ugurlar took the director's chair.

The Mother's Secret Is Children series is expected to add new excitement to Wednesday night's ratings. Wednesday night's unchanged judge is The Establishment Osman series. No one has ever been able to dislodge the ATV series starring Burak Özçivit at the top. Therefore, the organization is very firmly seated in its place in the ratings first place.

Channel D's Unfaithful, which aired the same evening, has fallen well to the bottom of the list once at its peak. The show, which failed to achieve the success it wanted in the ratings in its second season, will say goodbye to screens at the end of this season.

The ratings for The Blackboard, which screened on Wednesday evenings on TRT 1, were very low. Therefore, this increases the chances of the Mother's Secret Children series.

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