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Yargi Episode 29 Summary and Frames

Yargi Episode 29 Summary and Frames

Yargi Ep 29 With English Subtitle
Yargi Episode 29 With English Subtitle

Yargi Episode 29 With English Review

Summary From Ep 29 💗 

Ceylin captured Ilgaz in a way he could never have imagined. Explaining to Ceylin that this big secret that belongs to Çinar & Metin has nothing to do with him, is going to be harder for Ilgaz than any case he has faced so far. On the road to Zafer's death, the curtains of doubt began to be lifted. Unexpected surprises for Pars & Eren, 

who try to manage the process with transparency so that Ceylin doesn't mislead, on the other hand Yekta who manipulates the event. Ilgaz & Ceylin who began dreaming of a common future thanks to the support & trust they received from each other, are on the brink of the biggest break ever in their relationship. 

Will there be a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel of uncertainty that awaits them?  You Can Watch & Download Yargi,Hakim,Uç Kiz Kardeş,Destan ,Kara Tahta,Baba, Mahkum, Sen Çal Kapimi S2, Baht Oyunu & more 👇 🚩 Request Your Favorite Series!

The great success of the judicial series! Its reputation has transcended the borders of Turkey!

Detail – The judicial series has been watched with great interest since the first day it appeared on the screen. It is one of Channel D's facial flux projects as the most talked about production among the law-themed series. With the successful acting of Pinar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoglu, who starred, and acclaim as a screen partner, the series is at the top of the ratings charts every week.

The Judiciary, directed by Ali Bilgin and written by Sema Ergenekon with its powerful pen, is one of the most talked about series of Moon Productions. Acclaimed for its storyline and acting, the series has been on screen for 29 episodes.

While questions are quickly answered in The Judgment, which has never lowered the excitement, brand new events and unexpected developments also drive viewers to another curiosity every week. In addition to the forensic events in the series, the love of Ceylin and Kaan Urgancıoglu, played by Pinar Deniz, is another aspect of the production that increases the excitement of the audience.

Since its publication, it has received numerose awards from many different institutions, organizations and universities. The Judicial series, which also makes the actors, the whole team and its audience proud, now makes a name for itself with its achievements abroad...

The reputation of the series, which continued its journey in Turkey with great success, has already spilled beyond the country's borders! The series, which has been sold to 9 countries to date, has recently been shown in Spain.

A post on the social media accounts of the judicial series stated:

"Family Secrets also meets audiences in Greece after Puerto Rico, USA, Spain, Chile, MENA, Israel, Cyprus, Romania and Georgia."

With this good news, the viewers of The Judgment were another proud of their series, which they had been following with great interest from day one. Judicial, which performed breathtaking scenes for the audience with both its acting and its story, was the fastest release of the season...

The series, which airs Sunday nights, takes the throne of its nearest rival, the Agency, while at times competing for first place on TV8's Survivor All Star...

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