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uc kiz kardes episode 10 Summary and Frames

uc kiz kardes episode 10 Summary and Frames

Uc Kiz Kardes 10 With English Subtitle
Uc Kiz Kardes Episode 10 With English Subtitle

uc kiz kardes episode 10 English Subtitle

that is stupid ! That child is gonna be his no matter where in life he is !!! The DNA test was Nihats and Ruchans ! On the other hand Turkan is starting to act tough and to start behaving towards Somer the way he deserves BUT he is gonna let Turkan chose their marriage life hmmmmmmm , I think Turkan will first reject it and then change her mind to give him one more chance… just my thinking!

Three Sisters 9. Chapter Summary/Episode Preview/Fotogaleri

Somer's going to Turkan and Mine's house!

Turkan and Somer find Mine's car abandoned on the side of the road on the way back to Izmir.  Worried about her boyfriend, Somer ends up at Mine's house. Türkan didn't want to leave him alone and left with him. 

When they get there, they realize that Mine has left the house, packing up her personal belongings. Somer reads the letter here. It's damned... 

Will Turkan's presence in this house bring him closer to reality step by step?

On the other hand, Derya and Return, who are preparing to surprise their parents for their wedding anniversary, include Somer and Türkan in their plans. The anniversary celebration is also an occasion for resentment to reconcile. However, an intruder turns everything upside down.

New Episode Tuesday, April 19 at 8pm on Channel 10

Three Sisters Episode 9 Preview

Somer and Türkan go to Mine's house!

On their way back from Izmir; Turkan and Somer see Mine's abandoned car on the side of the road.  Somer who becomes very concerned about the woman who loves her, immediately heads over every house.  Turkan did not want to leave him to make this journey alone, so he goes with him.

When they arrive at Mine's house, they can clearly see that she has packed all of her personal belongings and has left the house.  Somer finds a letter that she left behind and reads it; he is devastated.....

With Türkan present, will this be enough for him to step by step closer to the truth?

Meanwhile Derya and Return are planning a surprise for their parents' wedding anniversary, and they get somer and Turkan involved in the preparations as well. 

This anniversary party becomes an event for all animosity to be forgiven. However, the arrival of an unexpected guest turns everything upside down.

New Episode air's Tuesday 26 April @ 8pm on Channel 1

This was an emotional scene 💔 it depends maybe for some it wasn’t. Sometimes we try so hard and think we are in the right path , shortly after we go to the beginning.I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO SAY OR THINK FOR FRAGMAN 9/1 . Ok I wasn’t expecting Somer to forget Mine so easy but to be honest I wasn’t expecting him to run back to her and apologize 🤦‍♀️. 

Some dizi  viewers are criticizing Turkan for not leaving Somer , me personally I totally understand her 👀 years ago for some woman it was like this . They didn’t wanna disrespect their parents no matter how much they suffered. I am hoping for Turkan to leave Somer when she finds out that he has another woman . In that case I would not give a f* if the parents are embarrassed or not ! The poor soul is trying so hard but she always gets hit back with stones !

In reality it is some woman let their parents know every single detail in their relationship and some no matter what happens in the marriage they are just quiet. Me personally I do not discuss my marriage with my mom or dad .

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