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iyilik episode 1 with Summary and Frames

iyilik episode 1 Summary and Frames

iyilik 1 english subtitles

iyilik episode 1 english subtitles

iyilik episode 1 english subtitles

The first teaser of the Good series to rival the Forbidden Apple has been released!

Detail – The first trailer for the series Goodness, which Fox TV is preparing for the summer season, has been released. Previously announced as The Enemy at My Door, the series stars Ismail Demirci, Hatice Şendil and Sera Kutlubey.

Ismail Demirci, who stands out as a story of betrayal, appears as Murat. Murat, who has a happy family, a wife and two children in sight, is not at all an innocent family man.

Neslihan is Murat's wife. To do good, he gives his friend Damla their little house next door to the house where they lived. Unaware of Damla's relationship with Murat, Neslihan only wanted to do a favor. Whereas with her own hands, she sends her beloved husband into the arms of her mistress.

In the series, where Murat and Damla's forbidden relationship will be the key to the story, Ismail Demirci will be accompanied by Hatice Şendil as Neslihan and Sera Kutlubey as Damla.

After the finale of The Revenge of Love Logic series, it will be broadcast as a summer series on Fox Tv, and preparations are underway for the series, which is produced by Medyapım. Murat Ozturk, a veteran, is the director of the good series.

The series, which hints at its subject with the first trailer, has a similar subject to shows such as Unfaithful, Forbidden Apple, which recently met with viewers. Noting this point on social media, followers expressed concern about the "early finale" of the show's continuity and Fox TV's nightmare of the last few productions.


The fans who saw Sera Kutlubey like this did not recognize this role!

Famous actress Sera Kutlubey especially loved the character cemre in The Cruel Istanbul. Thanks to this role, the actor was able to reach a wide fan base.

Sera Kutlubey, who was born in Ankara in 1994, has been involved in projects since 2016... The actor, who is noted for his character Longing in The Father and His Family, played Seher in The Untitled.

Sera Kutlubey, who shone with Cruel Istanbul, then played Azra in Hercai. The actress, who has been separated from the set for a year, has now appeared in a new series called Goodness. Based on the South Korean series The Queen's House by the media, Goodness's first name was The Enemy at My Door. However, the name of the series has been changed and the first trailer for this new series called Goodness has also been released.

Sera Kutlubey, who plays Damla, plays the black mark of a happy marriage... The marriage of Neslihan and Murat characters, which is thought to be going very well, will actually get its true identity with the arrival of Damla character. Murat, who cheated on his wife, will be surprised by what happened when Damla appeared.

Following the first trailer for the series, Sera Kutlubey fans shared comments stating that they could not identify Damla character as the actor. Fans of Sera Kutlubey, who will have a very different experience in the character Damla in the image of the woman who renews her image and destroys the nest for her role, were not happy about this situation on social media.

Fans of the show, who commented that "Sera never had this role, I didn't like you", welcomed the actor's different experience with negative reviews.

Fans of the show, who say they love his image, see his choice of role as interesting and knife-edge. Fans of the show, who said her short hair looked great on her, said: "I didn't think she was going to play the role of the bad woman. We were used to watching in good roles."

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