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Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 16 Summary and Frames

Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 16 Summary and Frames

Kaderimin Oyunu Ep 16 With English Subtitles
Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 16 With English Subtitles

Kaderimin Oyunu Ep 16 English Review

Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 16 English Subtitles

The logic error in Kaderimin Oyunu is starting to get annoying!

Detail – Viewers of Kaderimin Oyunu, which airs on Friday nights on the Star TV screen, continue their criticism on social media. Akin Akinözü, Story Karayel, Melike Ipek Yalova and Sarp Apak starred in the series, secrets began to emerge in the story...

Following episode 15, which aired on April 1, viewers are aware that the shared episode 16 trailer is coming at a time of very exciting moments. As the truth between Asiye and Cemal begins to emerge, the flow of the story accelerates... Fans of the show are attracting attention on social media with their posts mentioning the logic error in the character of Asiye.

Many fans of the series think that this point, in which the character of Asiye, successfully played by Story Karayel, has come after such great difficulties, does not make sense. A number of fans shared their anger at the asiye character, saying: 'A woman shouldn't be so proud.'

A man who left Asiye, never called her and asked her, comes across years later. So what's Asiye doing? Fans of the show don't even think it makes sense for Asiye to laugh in front of Cemal. "How can you laugh at Jamal now, what a closeness, come to your senses," one viewer said. Don't get on people's nerves, don't walk away from your pride," he said on social media.

Did you know that nearly 100,000 tweets were posted on the day the 15th episode of The Game of My Destiny aired? The show's ratings come in average proportions, but social media activity is very high.

Another series of fans, who think this is a logic error, list their criticism of the show with the following words:

"Asiye character; He should take a stronger stance against the hardships and frustrations he has had to endure alone. Instead of being crushed, he should be slammed for being as precise and harsh as he is. A woman who has survived all this pain, trouble, problem alone for 7 years without anyone's help, should not give in to anyone. She should stand tall and profile a strong woman who writes her own story."

Episode 16 of The Game of My Destiny will air on April 8, and viewers are eagerly awaiting developments. Of course, the criticism continues on social media.

Kaderimin Oyunu series has brought a great change to Esengül Aypek's life!

Detail – Esengül Aypek, who stepped on the sets in 2015, is well known from the projects called Forgive Me and Don't Leave Me by viewers who love daily series. The actor, whose name has recently been mentioned as Zuhal in The Game of Destiny, has taken a big step forward in his career.

Hazal Subasi and Özge Yağz are the best known names in daily series who find leading roles in very good projects after being successful here... Both players came to prominence with their Project You Name It and then experienced a career jump... You can see Esengül Aypek among the names that may experience a similar situation now.

After the daily series, joining the cast of Star TV's ambitious Game of Destiny series was a great opportunity for the young actor's career. Esengül Aypek put aside his life in Ankara and moved to Istanbul. Now facing the challenges of moving, the actor has been working hard to achieve the success of The Game of Destiny.

With the 11th episode of the series, which aired on March 4, the character Zuhal, which we started to watch in the story, also positively affected the player's career.

Esengül Aypek, answering questions from reporters, said, "I am trying to settle down. It didn't just happen. I got here too fast. I just started the project, but that's not how I settled. I am slowly settling in the gaps."

Esengül Aypek said he was very excited when he was offered the character Zuhal in the series. "It's a versatile role," he said. He's so excited to play, he's got a lot of sides. It could be love, it could be dangerous. A lot of people like it from somewhere."

"Sometimes some emotions come back, even though we don't plan it, so it's a beautiful series," he said.

Esengül Aypek, who explained that being in Istanbul was a game of his destiny, said he was very happy here.The chaos in Istanbul initially frightened him, he said. He explained that everything is so fast here that when you get used to it, you love it, you can't give up.

Speaking about the philanthropy of his Cast of Destiny, he said: "It's one of the best work environments I've ever seen. Everyone is very positive, helpful. Sarp and Akin are very helpful. We just met, it's fun to work with all of them."The actress explained that all she thinks about right now is her job and she can't make time for love, adding that she's completely committed to her role on the show.

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