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Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 17 Summary and Frames

Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 17 Summary and Frames

Kaderimin Oyunu 17 With English Subtitles
Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 17 With English Subtitles HD

Kaderimin Oyunu Episode 17 English Review

Kaderimin Oyunu Ep 17 With English Subtitles
Just expect. 😂
The recklessness of her work revealed to her brother the truth, a diary that did the achievement 💔 of a shocked Uighur who did not accept it and feels a bad situation that made him come out of the house 😱 while the commissioner combed a patrol next to the palace in search of Asia 😱, Ogor sat back the tape of the bitter truth and what he ordered and harshed it on his innocent and clean 😭 heart

How shocking facts digest a father who thinks he's suddenly dead is alive!! .. A mother and a sister hid the truth from him!! .. And the most bitter is his real father living with him like a stranger from his point of view he sees him as a stranger and not as a son!! .. Then the fact that he left him the day he was born! .. The little one found no refuge except the sea, complaining to him about his concern and in any language the language of silence and tears 😭. Ah Narcissus, her father's daughter, got her brother in trouble... When the commissioner noticed a child sitting alone like he was missing, he decided to help him 😭. He's 😭 surprised by his identity. The commissioner is trying to lure Ugur, who was absent from reality. 

Soon he returned to his reality terrified of the police badge... Ugur tries to stay steady, but the horror of the double and successive trauma casts a shadow over the asthma 😱 crisis of asthma patients sometimes because of their reaction to a difficult event or their severe grief and shock exposes them more to an asthma attack... bye 😱

At the same time Maher, who received the facts in batches, sits in his car waiting for that truth that he cannot believe, soon sees it with his own eyes embodied in front of him the meeting of Asia and Jamal there is a possibility that it will not be because . . Ugur's disappearance at the time 😱, I'd very much like to see them meet together, and then Nargis calls to tell her mother that Ugur has disappeared 😱 🔥🔥🔥. 
The mother and father are supposed to decide when and how to tell him and most importantly take a medical consultation from a psychologist to avoid the worst or I am wrong 🙄️

We're at the end of the story in my destiny game, now the ropes are closed!
Details - Qadri's game series continues to air on The Star TV on Friday evening. Episode 17 of the series will premiere on Friday, April 15, and you'll see the story break. New information has been shared from the new episode. Jamal says something terrible happened to Assie. Helen saw them, and now the ropes at breaking point.

Jamal's words tell us that there will be nothing similar in the program: "These ropes are broken, whether you like it or not. This is the end of the story. Everyone will know everything."

The question was also how Maher would discover beauty and will. With Saturn's intervention, Maher will learn the truth... You'll be able to see what this dramatic increase in destiny's toy story will lead to in a new episode airing Friday night.

With this big break in the story of the series starring Akin Akinözü, Story Karayel, Sarp Apak and Meriç Aral, public interest in the series is expected to increase.

While Qadri fans say the story has reached a very exciting point, we are also seeing a lot of interest from fans of the series abroad. You can see on social media that fans of foreign series are intensely supportive of the game of destiny.

You can find the trailer for episode 18 of the series Qadri Game, which airs on Friday, April 15 at 8pm .m, and other important details in our news.

His wife, Bonomo, received a harsh response to the news in the tabloids about Oika Carail! ..

Carael's story, which plays "Assy" in the television series "Fateful," was recently seen in a shopping mall with her son Roman.

Carael's story, when he sees reporters in front of him; "I don't want you to picture my son, don't picture my child," the actor's reaction was reported in the tabloids.

"There were reports that journalists could not understand the player's exit because both Story Carrell and his wife, Bonomo, often shared their son Roman on social media.

Bonomo responded strongly to the news with a statement on his Twitter account. Bonomo, who shared a press release, supported his wife's exit and told reporters, "Don't shoot without permission."

Kan Bonomo, who said there was nothing understandable about these sensitivities, briefly expressed his feelings to the tabloid press: "The fact that we share our son on social media does not give you the right to withdraw it without permission."

The famous couple, who married in 2018, sometimes share photos of themselves with their son Roman on their social media accounts.

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