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uc kiz kardes episode 4 Summary and Frames

uc kiz kardes episode 4 Summary and Frames 

uc kiz kardes episode 4 With English Subtitle
uc kiz kardes episode 4 With English Subtitle 

uc kiz kardes 4 With English Subtitle 

uc kiz kardes episode 4 With English Subtitle 

Üç Kiz Kardeş - One month Later. 🙄🙄

This is where the story becomes unbelievable to me. Not the evil MIL, rather the Biological Mother. We just skip one whole month?  Really?  Like 😳 So much happens in a month. They showed none of the engagement, none of the picking out of the wedding gown. None of the courting a fiancé does….. nobody could tell that Somer wasn’t that in to Turkan? 

Even Turkan as an adult child feels her own mother  only values her beauty and that it was assumed that Turkan’s mother married her off to a wealthy man because she felt she had nothing to offer. 🙄🙄🙄 this is the point the story breaks down for me. The violence from the MIL is a little far fetched. The one month time jump happens at 1 hour 40 minutes into the first episode.

Two mothers so desperate to have their children have the best in life, a beautiful swan like girl and an imaginary exhaustion with the fantasy of a wonderful marriage, so she was lead to believe, the other, a hunky son, with gorgeous looks, dictated too his whole life, challenged to go against everything his parents wanted including the unwanted marriage, who is to blame? 

The controlling parents who both feel they know their children and what's best for them, what friken bullshit, a shameless act on the MIL side to punish and beat the Swan ....... which i hope i never see again in this day and age, and a spineless young man who basically cares for no one but himself but whose to blame? The parents, himself, friends, other families, the mistress girlfriend? 

My hero, the father of the Swan, to love and protect at all costs, it will be interesting to see the development of Somer as he sees the love of the three sisters and what they have collectively. Looking forward to other eps and see where this story takes us.... its going to be a long journey i think. I'm Freud ready! Bring it on!

On the one hand, I think this story is beyond incredulous. On the other, the pace is quite good...they managed to build up enough suspense to keep you wanting to know more. There is a lot of background story that hasn't been revealed and perhaps that is why I continue watching.

Basically, we have an heir, Soner, who marries a beautiful girl, Turkan (you can't believe the number of times everyone says she's beautiful, just so they can drum it into our heads that she is), exactly according to his mother's wishes. If he refuses to do so, he won't even have a penny to his name. Oh, but he's so in lurve with another woman, Mine, who strangely agrees to this marriage, going as far as to become his witness. Hmmmm.... everything this guy does screams JERK! 

Let's see, he talks big about how he will not allow his mother to control his life, and then cowers in fear of being left penniless, giving in instantly to her threats and agreeing to marry a girl of his mother's choosing. He leaves his bride on the wedding night, subjecting the girl to a week-long mental torture like a bird in a gilded cage. 

In between lover's quarrels with his girlfriend over his priorities, he even manages to slip in a night of drunken passion with the wife, who should have known better. He looks and behaves like he's barely-out-of-his-teens. What's the draw? I don't understand it.

Turkan herself takes on a very meek persona. In a moment of self-reflection, she accurately questions her worth. Does she in fact have any other quality besides her beauty? After the chain of events in episodes 1,2 and 3, I am wondering the same thing. She was led to believe she was marrying into a wonderful life, but instead was used as a pawn by the witch aka mother-in-law, Ruchan, to keep Soner in line. 

Did I mention this MIL has some serious anger management issues? Yup, the poor girl was beaten half to death simply for not ensuring her husband stayed home. I don't understand this either.

Then, after that near-death beating, Ruchan turns 180 degrees around and becomes unusually nice, even taking an apprehensive Turkan on a shopping trip to Izmir. Ruchan apparently has some PTSD issues of her own, having endured a similar beating from her own MIL many years ago. She seeks to control Turkan, or so it seems. 

Why is it that Turkan cannot tell her parents the simple truth is beyond me. Maybe it's a culture thing. The shame or embarassment....I don't know. I didn't see this in Kalp Yarasi, Yargi or any other Turkish Dizi, where women are made to think it's ok to suffer or be humiliated in silence.

I will watch one more episode before I decide if I should throw in the towel. Meanwhile, I will root for Donus and Serdar - two young people who are on the verge of discovering adulthood and the wonders of falling in love. This, I understand.

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