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Destan Episode 15 Summary 2

Destan Episode 15 Summary 2

Destan 15 English HD
Destan Episode 15 English Subtitles HD

Destan 15 English

This week , I thought Destan to be a touch dull . Normally , I'm completely immersed in whatever is going on , but this week just didn't work for me . There are several explanations for this , which I will list at the end . 

When Alpagu discovers the hiding place of Batuga's group , he shoots Sirma in the back , aiming for Akkiz . They attack the party however Akkiz has set up booby 

traps throughout the region , leading Alpagu to lose a large number of his soldiers and horses . Alpagu and his warriors , on the other hand , continue to triumph , with Alpagu defeating Akkiz . Batuga then drags Kaya out of the tent and threatens to kill him if Alpagu does not negotiate for the life of his beloved son . 

Tutkun's release , the Dag slave girls freedom , gold , horses , and other benefits are included in the agreement . Kaya is let free by Alpagu , who declares that he will be the hostage until Batuga's demands are met . Batuga's competence is clearly noted by Alpagu . Mumurs of insurrections in tribes in the name of the Tegin , who was born with a star in his hand is slowly occurring . Gok is in the midst of a succession crisis , and there is a lack of confidence in Alpagu to lead . 

As Alpagu looks on , Batuga and Akkiz practise sword combat by the campfire ( sorry but this was a bit cringe for me ) . Batuga is well aware of Alpagu's claim that he will get to know his enemy / son .When Alpagu witnesses Batuga and Akkiz holding hands , he immediately recognises that they are in love . 

Kaya is in charge of the gold preparation . A smallpox outbreak has been reported among the tribes . They've been told to quarantine , but Ulu Ece notices a young woman who appears to have the beginnings of small pox . She then sends phoney gold and instructs the girl to enter the cage of freed Mountain slaves being repatriated to Akkiz . Smallpox will infect Akkiz and Batuga's little army as a result of this . 

Tai Su is adamant about not returning Tutkun . Alpagu says he'll have to depart to speak with him about the case in person . He promises to honour his word . 

Temur finds out what Tutkun's original plan was when entering the palace . When Tutkun is returned , he is cold with her as feels betrayed after knowing her reasons . 

Alpagu is fearful of Batuga's statement about traitors surrounding him . This is exacerbated when Colpan mentions Batuga's request that Gok's decision - making be supervised by the Tirnek Council , a third party . Balamir is furious , and his alliance with Colpan comes to an end . 

I believe he may be preparing to attack the West Khanate . Batuga realises he has been deceived by the Palace with the false gold and plans to depart base at the end of the episode . He sends a message to his to Alpagu on his Throne who realises the gravity of supporter Batuga holds within Gok .

The following are some of the reasons why I didn't enjoy this episode : 

- Tutkun is pathetic in my opinion . Genuinely pitiful , and not the hardcore badass she was in the start . She's a damsel in distress of epic proportions . As a result , my interest in her and Temur as a couple has waned . 

- Characterisation of Kaya is quite unsatisfactory . Kaya was meant to be the " brains " , Temur is the muscle , and Batuga is supposed to be a blend of the two , as well as possessing a soul , which explains his natural leadership . So why do they keep making Kaya into a puppet who obeys orders ? Kaya should have devised the idea to get the smallpox girl into their small army . 

I'd prefer him to be spiteful and intelligent if he can't fight . However , he is currently neither , therefore any interest I once had in him and Akkiz is quickly evaporating due to his lack of initiative , and pro activity . I'd at least admire him if he chased after what he wanted . 

- I'd also like some adversity in Batuga and Akkiz ' relationship . It's so smooth sailing . Sweet yes , but I just need so much more steam . However , I still very much enjoyed Alpagu , Saltuk , Ulu Ece , Kiricek ( I loved when she defended Batuga ).

- In this episode , what was Akkiz ' hairstyle ? Free my sister . She appeared to have been mauled by a raccoon .

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